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Peekaboo: The New Rooms At MGM Grand

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 21st September 2011 6:24pm
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Discussion has erupted on Twitter about whether or not the first two room photos contained in the MGM Grand video in an earlier post are, in fact, the new rooms at MGM Grand.

The hallway carpeting and wallpaper have the same panache as the new designs at Bellagio.

MGM Grand new rooms 2011

VT's resident architect, Blackjacker1979, who deciphered the secret plans we obtained earlier this year, states unequivocally "I'm 99.9999% positive these are the new rooms/corridors" based on " the palette, tiled mirrors on walls, and floral pattern. Asymmetric design. Just as with the Bellagio hall carpet."

Here is his rendering of what he thought the room would look like based on the CAD drawings:

MGM Grand

And here is a photo of the room scraped from the video:

MGM Grand new rooms 2011

Spot on. Kudos Blackjacker for a great job way back when... you nailed it.

As far as we know, none of these rooms are yet to be in circulation as the six week process for demolition and reconstruction was scheduled to begin in mid-September (now). The earliest we can expect to see these new rooms on line is middle October.

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Comments & Discussion:

They slightly look like the rooms at the Mirage. With the bright colors and all white linens. I suppose all hotels are now on this "long round pillow" thing. They look alright though. Nothing super unique about them. I like the bright pink headboards. But a huge improvement from the mid 90's "movie/Hollywood" themed rooms.

Err actually now that I look at it more, the pink on the headboards doesn't really go with that shade of wood. They could have used a way darker stain there, but it'd probably take away from the "brightness" of the room.
Anyone know if they're renovating the entire resort??? Or just the rooms and hallways?

I miss the movie star portraits. :(

Jeez, am I all right? I love the hallway wallpaper and carpeting. Looks better to me than Bellagio.

Looks more in the direction of Cosmo.

I'd say they are new room models, as I've stayed in the West Wing three times and unless they've remodeled in last 2 years, that isn't a design of any of the rooms I stayed in. West Wing rooms are king beds only (i believe) there actually isn't enough room in them to fit two beds, and the small window of the room is actually behind the bed.

wow. those are ugly.

@Rock Chick..you're kinda right..the lines of the room look something like the Mirage..although these look somewhat like the GO rooms at the Flamingo..all that hot pink doesn't work..the Mirage colors are more earth tone, and much darker..

I kinda like the hallway carpet..looks the flooring tiles inside Wynn..but its kinda cool..

The hallway carpet definetly has a Cosmo vibe to it. The hallways certainly look good too.

I'm not a big fan of pink so I hope these aren't the ONLY new rooms, but.. well...

I'm not against de-theming or modernization at all. In fact, I like modern alot, I love Aria and I think some themes were very tacky.

But "MGM Grand" always indicates to me some Art Deco-ness.

Even MGM Macau has some Art Deco-ness in the casino.

Modern Art Deco is quite easy to do. I wish they went in that direction a bit more.

I certainly hope they keep the casino art deco when they refresh it.

Hallway looked interesting. The room is frighteningly ugly.

MGM - the one trick pony.
I just don't understand that company. Why oh why, if you own half the hotels on the strip, would you want them to look and feel the same?
What is so awful about each hotel having it's own identity!?!

That room certainly celebrates the rectangle.

Not a fan of MGM's detheming myself. I thought Vegas was supposed to be fun and not so pretentious. Sterile modern, blech. Must be megalomaniac Jimmy's idea of class.

C'mon, MGM, is the best you can do is to recycle the same decor over and over and over again? Already these rooms are on the verge of looking dated, and they barely started the remodel.

These rooms and hallways have NOTHING whatsoever to do with the MGM theme. It's like their just dropping the whole entire theme of the hotel.

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