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How To: The MGM Grand

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 21st September 2011 3:17pm
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Ever wondered how MGM Grand deals with tons and tons and tons of laundry each day? Thanks to the Wall Street Journal Marketwatch, now we know.

Looking at the glossy room and hallway photos, you can see exactly where Bellagio's new room designs evolved from - MGM Grand's West Wing!

Why is it that news organizations always send people who don't like Vegas to go cover Vegas?

Thanks to VT superfriend Middleclassbuzz for the tweet tip!

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I had no idea about the laundry operation. Kinda cool. Looking forward to the piece in the Journal tomorrow, even though I'm sure it'll be behind the pay wall.

Wait a minute... so are those the new rooms at MGM!?!?

Those are the new rooms, and if I do say, looks like my analysis was spot on.

I'm glad I'm not playing a drinking game every time she says "You know".

Or maybe I wish I was.

So, I'm watching this and I'm having trouble paying attention tot he point of it all because the reporter lost all credibility with this logistics professional by saying ...facility 10 miles away, takes like 2 hours in traffic....

News people are complete morons. I mean really, the MGM is on the bottom of the strip, it has easy access to all roads in all directions, and most likely the hauling operation takes place off peak. (If not, MGM MANAGEMENT - MY SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE FOR $1,200/DAY. YOU'LL MAKE IT BACK IN A WEEK.) Add onto that it's not LA or Chicago or New York. (cities with actual traffic) Aside from the strip itself, the traffic as bemoaned from Vegas residents is laughable to those of us that really deal with it.

There's also the standard BS of "the rev isn't from the rooms, blah blah blah... I swear the only research most journalists do for a Vegas piece is watch the travel channel and read LVA. End rant.

Ok, so now I'm finished and I'm convinced it's not that she doesn't like Vegas, it's just that she obviously knows nothing about it. I'm pretty sure the decision to send a Vegas noob on this assignment was a requirement from MGM to get access to the back office ops. That way, the things that we have hashed, rehashed, and smoked in our hash pipes here at VT seem new, exciting and amazing. Like the Wendy's vs. McDonalds queue theory. It's just more PR to bring in more noobs to balance out the pain in the ass that is us, the Vegas educated. The 6:5 scoffing, comp scraping, bar camping underbelly the casinos love and loath.

The article is up for just a few more days before the WSJ puts the article behind the paywall - http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424053111903791504576584944173766266.html

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