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Lakeside Fires The Grill

By JohnH on Wednesday, 21st September 2011 8:25am
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File this one with the "I Couldn't Make this Shit Up if I Tried" Department, everybody. According to EaterLA, David Walzog's almost-a-year-old Lakeside Grill has officially shortened its name to the arguably more parsimonious Lakeside. Unfortunately, there's been no word on a reconceptualization for the restaurant's Home Depot-inspired logo.

With that name change, though, will also come a new shift in focus toward seafood and seafood accessories on their menu. On the one hand, that's a major score for each and every single one of us who has grown exceedingly frustrated with Wynn's over-reliance on steakhouses during the last few years. However, on the other hand, I just can't believe that they think the property needs another fish-focused restaurant. Bartolotta is one of the most celebrated seafood restaurants in the city, and it's almost baffling to think the hotel feels fish is their dining weak point. It's not the fact that they no longer have a single restaurant that's slinging French food. No, what they think they need is more fish.

Furthermore, considering a previous disastrously food-poisoned encounter I had with the sea bass at Lakeside Grill, I just absolutely cannot believe that they want the place to increase their volume of fish all the way up to eleven. It's almost too coincidentally funny to take seriously.

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I just wish they'd bring back Alex or another elegant fine dining establishment.

The name and menu have already been changed at http://www.wynnlasvegas.com

I just channeled Mariyn Spiegel:
"Hey, now that Alex is gone, we'll make Lakeside our seafood restaurant. We'll get rid of Bartolotta and turn that beautiful two-level space into a club."

@detroit1051 That is both terrifying and entirely plausible.

Oh great. Its Switch 2.0.

@blackjacker1979 "Oh great. Its Switch 2.0."

Now there's an idea... the food changes while you eat it...

(I ate at Switch last trip... the ambience was nice but not worth a repeat visit, the food was certainly not worth the cost.)

@misnomer and @detroit. Come'on, you know darn well it's not going to be a nightclub. Marilyn has her eyes on a Food Court. Think of the revenue folks!! Sbarro, BK, McDonalds, Subway, oh the sites and smells that a food court would bring to Wynncore. Hope they get an Orange Julius too.

" It's not the fact that they no longer have a single restaurant that's slinging French food."

I don't know about you, but i couldn't exactly tell you what French food is, let alone have ever heard anyone say "i want to go to a nice French restaurant" that wasn't on a sitcom or in a movie.

And yes, i know it is one of the primary styles of food and is highly regarded by foodies worldwide, but the average person probably wouldn't list it anywhere near their top (or middle) choices for food.

If you've never had great classically prepared French cuisine, you are missing out!! I was just telling my wife that French is probably in my top 3.

So what's a good french restaurant in Vegas on the strip? Bouchon? (Paris hotel?)

Uh-oh all you guys better be careful or youre going to mess up all the kickbacks chuckmonster gets from Wynn LOL Don't you know that on VegasTripping Wynn is still as great as it was a few years ago and every decision he makes is pure brilliance?

@wrinklebottom obviously, you haven't been paying attention.

Wasn't Lakeside where Zak, Slater, Screech, Kelly, Lisa, and the chick from "Showgirls" went to high school?

Oh wait, that's the buffet at Mandalay...

I see a Long John Silver's or Captain D's opening on the Strip soon. Maybe they can close the Margarita Bar at Treasure Island and put it there. Starbucks and fish.
Doesn't ARIA also have American Fish???
Also, I like the term seafood accessories

Menu looks identical to the one I ate off back in June, apart from the name, so cant see the shift towards fish at the moment?

Whilst the mesquite smoked prime rib was fab, Lakeside is not a patch on SW (to me the best meal ever in LV).

@Misnomer, @detroit1051:
... I agree completely. Location is perfect. You guys are scaring me.

@jinx73, I'd agree w/ you too but they already dumbed down Sugar&Ice just down the Esplanade (in name if not concept).

re French food: MGM Grand (of all places) still of course has Robuchon. For that and Alex, "average person" was never the target demographic. Only tax shelter beneficiaries need apply.

Re re French: ooh, Guy Savoy @ Caesars....

Picasso at Bellagio was top notch when i was there a few years ago...hope its still just as good. and i'm still pissed they closed Alex.

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