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Peekaboo: Wynn's New Fairway Villas

By MikeE on Tuesday, 20th September 2011 3:15pm
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Wynn Fairway Villas

VT reader JakeZ tipped us off on The Board that Wynn has ported its namesake magazine to a digital platform. Loaded with glamorous ads, self-promoting spreads, and beauty shots galore, the magazine features more than just self-pleasuring pictures for the Wynn lover - sometimes they casually toss in an exclusive first look that's of passing interest to the vast majority of their readers, but a treasure trove for us RogThom admirers. This season's gold mine? The new Fairway Villas.

The first shot features the patio with zero attempt at photoshopping neighboring (not for long?) Steve Wynn's dog park in the background. "Flip" the page and it's just as we've suspected - they've continued with that gorgeously sexy yet warm palette previously found in the new Parlor and Salon suites.

Excuse this brief digression, but this is very telling of the quality of the new design. You see, the ground floor Fairways (the ones with the pools) have always been exclusive to casino guests. Only four months after the opening of Wynn Las Vegas, however, they realized that the quality of the finishes in these units were not to the same level as other whale-worthy accommodations around town. As a result, they were gutted and brought to a substantially higher level. Now it looks as though the ground floor units share the same design as every other suite in the building. In other words, every suite at Wynn has been elevated to this substantially higher level. Having seen a few in person, I don't doubt it.

Subsequent pages of the showcase reveal that besides a few new object hanging on the walls, hallways for the ground floor units remain unchanged (at least to my recollection). They work so well with the new décor, one has to wonder if those hallways were the inspiration to the renovations on all the suites.

I always judge the quality of a room by how many non-bolted-down breakable objects there are and this villa definitely isn't lacking in that department. Check out page 87. Just look at that horse! The next spread features nightstand regulation Fu Dogs (OMG I'm so going to the home store to get me a pair) and a glimpse into that new private entrance Marilyn's been all crazy about.

It's almost too nice. I mean, not too luxurious in any way, but considering the suspicious fact that you still can't reserve them even months after their scheduled completion date, I fear that they've elevated them to a level unattainable via regular hotel reservations. And that would suck because I'm yearning for room service breakfast on the balcony of these new surroundings.

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I can haz?

Apparently not, I doubt my $1500 per trip gambling bankroll will win me a spot here... unless I got on a hot streak unseen by mankind...

I bet chuckmonster still manages to get the pages stuck together.

hey now!

I thought I was going to be looking at a lot of resort/casino pictures but it's mostly people with strange hair.

They did a great job porting over the magazine to digital format.
And hopefully, the new fairway villas are at least occasionally available via normal hotel reservations. Just have to wait and see!

Ah, but there was a hot streak seen by mankind that you should check out on the net. Archie Karas won some 20 million playing craps downtown over a period of time. He had suitcases full of large chips as his bankroll. Sadly, he gave most it back in his later play.

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