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I Hate Steely Dan And You Can Too On October 13th at The Palms

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 19th September 2011 4:23pm
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Steely Dan is the music that late 70s record executives loved listen to while rolling around Burbank high on blow, chest hair billowing in the wind coming through their Porsche convertible. Anything with Michael McDonald on it gave them a boner.

I appreciate the attempts at stringing together some advanced chord substitutions, but this song just plain sucks. I'd rather listen to Harold Faltermeyer. Again Michael McDonald shows up in the "chorus."

This isn't to say everything Steely Dan did was bad. Just most of it. This performance "Reelin' In The Years" from 1973 falls decidedly on the side of Allman Brothers instead of the slightly schlocky Doobie Brothers. Love those crushed purple pants.

Unconvinced that Steely Dan sucks donkey balls? Then mark Thursday, October 13th on your calendar for you to put on your satin baseball jacket, score an 8 ball, drop the top on your Miata and head on over to Pearl at The Palms for some Steely Dan! Tickets on sale at Ticketron.

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Jeff Porcaro and Bernard Purdie are/were both pretty kickass drummers.. still not a huge steely dan fan but there certainly was talent there.

I was in my mid-thirties before I realized that "Peg" was an actual song, and not just the bumper music between the Sunday afternoon movies on the local access TV channel.

I love Steely Dan. Color me offended.

Mayhem called. They want to give you your soul back.

I didn't notice that you included "I Got The News" in your post. Perhaps one of the most meandering, pointless songs that I've ever heard. If you included "Gaucho" or a song like that I'm sure that I wouldn't be the only one coming in defense of Donald and Walter.
PS-You think that Euronymous didn't have a copy of Aja in his cd collection?? Puh-lease.

Damn I would go to this.

this was always one of those bands where i would say "i know OF them, but i couldn't name one song they did"

and i always thought it was "reeling in the east" until i saw the actual song title.

I would not go see them. However, there was a brief time years ago I could really groove on the dueling solos in Bodhisattva between Denny Dias and Skunk Baxter. Just saying. I'd still rather see Steve Harris prop his foot up on the monitor and pound out The Trooper. Also, Michael McDonald undoubtedly sucks.

Also, your 70s record exec reference reminded me of one of my favorite FZ lyrics:

He was a Playboy type,
He smoked a pipe,
His favorite phrase was 'Outtasite,'
He had an Irish setter.

fuckin hell..talk about arrogance without the resume..
probably sit around your historical Encore and discuss the pros and cons of how much Vegas has changed and how over-rated the Stones are too..

^^ Not sure about your cv, smith. But if anyone around here has any music cred and has room to talk, it's chuckmonster. And, seriously, Michael McDonald does suck.

oh..ok..sorry..my bad..
forgot about the music cred..

i expected to get some degree of flack with this post.

Ahhh... Ticketron.

No worries. SD is famous for being love 'em or hate 'em.
I'm fine with that and judging by interviews, they seem fine with it.
But the whole "arrogance without the resume" comment is fairly inappropriate bile to spew.

I'm in the hate'em column.

I love Steely Dan, but they were so boring at the Pearl..
They had a great band, but over orchestrated and stretched out all of the songs.
When they finally played Show Biz Kids, it was so slowed down and jazzed down that I barely recognized the song. We left after a couple of more songs which all sounded the same.
I have followed them since 1975 and still love the Dan. I guess I am someone who likes to hear the songs as they were recorded.
The crowd was as snobby and laid back as the performance.

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