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For Sam Came Down From The Mountain, And All Became Well With The World

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 16th September 2011 7:36pm
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Earlier today, a commenter with the handle "SamNazarian" posted a response to How Sam Nazarian Spent The Sahara Liquidation Money.

Well i have to say that i have finnaly submitted to responding to your hilariuos blogs and rather intellegent perspectives! i hope we can share a coffee one day soon and talk Vegas!

Since we know how much you knuckleheads like creating fake accounts for Vegas execs, we did a little verification. The IP address attached to the comment (we log them so we can block spammers and verify the occasional post like this) resolved to the Los Angeles HQ of SBE Entertainment. The email address attached to the username resolves to SBE.com. Between the technical evidence and the janky spelling (interns use spellcheck, CEO's don't care) there is no doubt that this is the actual Sam Nazarian, star of "The Hills" and "Entourage" and SBE Entertainment.

And Sam came down from Mount Nazarian, bearing gifts of coffee and Vegas wishes in the hopes of getting us to stop picking on him.

Like any self respecting casino fetishing dweeb, I emailed the guy this afternoon. We'll see if I get a response....

But why would a multi-millionaire impresario post a comment on VT of all silly places? Perhaps it is his way of saying that, from the shadow of Nazarian, we can run but can't Hyde. *rimshot*

Sam, didn't you know that all you had to do to get us to shut up was send us a gift basket filled with piping hot array of Papaya King & Umami Burger with some foie gras cotton candy from Bazaar to finish it off? Plus sit down with us for a fully on the record meeting. And invite us to a Gensler meeting about SLS Vegas. And bring us a camel lamp. And some high denomination casino chips.

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Comments & Discussion:

I'd enjoy seeing a full-out interview with him. Nothing he's done to date with The Sahara has made any sense at all. The mismanagement that appeared to take place (I'm referencing other reports plus personal interaction that I had with some rank and file staff prior to closing) under his reign seemed serious. He closes the place and guts it when remodels of Plaza/Riviera/Tropicana/Stratosphere are all the rage. (You think that he'd at least wait it out to see how they did... see how viable a fresh coat of paint is in this market).

I live 5 minutes from The Sahara. (By choice. I have no kids so I don't need to live in Summerlin, and I like being close to both Fremont and The Strip for both professional and entertainment reasons). I just don't see an upscale hotel working in the North Strip. Like ever (or at least in this decade).

If Nazarian misjudged the market, he wouldn't be the first. If he builds (or remodels) to a boutique-style hotel on that location and it is a success, I'll be the first to give him props (and I'll be a regular customer). But there isn't one pundit or expert in town who sees things any differently than I've noted.

I hope he's successful with it.. just makes me nervous the place is gutted right now.. seems the wrecking balls coming.

Hmmm, it begs the question. What will be more vaulable in Vegas in the next 12 months empty real estate or a shell of a casino with a built in monorail stop. My only attraction to the Sahara was the nostalgia of the place. Now that he has gutted that, I see no reason to venture that far north on the strip. Of course if he ever builds something new, there are plenty of 20 somethings who will drop their cash on club and bottle service till the next big thing.

A camel lamp for all of us dammit!!!

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