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How To Charge $20k Of Stuff To Someone's Room Without Really Trying

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 15th September 2011 1:02pm
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Deadspin has the amazing story of "Dave," a successful New York City business man, who invited Hannah Cornett, surfer, actress, model to Vegas for a weekend at The Cosmopolitan while he was attending a business conference.

What ensued was a story suitable for a remake of "The Grifters".

Unbeknownst to Dave, throughout the weekend Hannah charged $23,000 worth of stuff.... $2k at the Sahra Spa, $1800 in provisions at the cookware/booze/wine joint Eat! Drink!, clearing out the minibar, repeated trips to the gift shops.

Shortly after Dave returned home, the bill arrived. Why he didn't review his folio via the TV check out system isn't mentioned, perhaps it still doesn't work?

The rest.... you'll have to read here. Truly fascinating and a great lesson about how to choose your travel partners and whether or not leaving a credit card for incidentals is a good idea.

Big thanks to VT reader DoubleD for the tip!

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Comments & Discussion:

Wow, what a crazy story. Judging from the invoice Deadspin posted, she spent like $10K at "Monogram," Cosmo's gift shop. That's a lot of sweatshirts, shot glasses, and water bottles.

Sounds like the poor dude didn't even get laid for his $20K. She was "sick" and holed up in her own hotel room until he was off to his conference.

There's more to this than what's out there. She had (at least) one
friend with her, who knows how many more.
Either she had a whole posse she paid for or there was some conversion involved with trading gifts for party favors and cash.
My daughter lost a gas card and in a couple hours 1000's were racked up by someone filling up cars @ 50 cents on the dollar.
Talk about getting taken for ride. And with no ride included.

A major red flag would have been when she asked for his credit card number to change her flight... he should have just gave her some spending money or something if he wanted her to stay entertained.

At least he didn't wake up missing a kidney or testicle or something.

It's possible at most hotels to cap incidentals charges. He should have done that, especially in light of the fact that she was acting shady before they even left New York. She clearly conned him, however we are probably only hearing about this because he didn't get laid, and naively thought he would be able to anonymously get even by smearing her online. My guess is that there is alot more to the story as well. This guy, who is a New York state senator, brought a woman he barely knew to Vegas. Neither of them had wholesome intentions.

Of course the woman is in the wrong, ethically if not legally, but his actions makes this guy look like a myopic, cheap sleaze bag that couldn't stand having his advances rejected by a woman. If he wanted to have her prosecuted and/or sue her, he could have done it, but he went for publicity instead....just sounds off to me.

some people are into "money slavery" :D

Whoops...above I said that he is a New York state senator. There is a New York senator by that name, but that's not him. The guy at issue in this story is this guy:


This is all kinds of awesome! I do feel bad that the dude didn't even appear to get laid. It makes my high school days seem less loser'ish

My dad had an ex wife who used to run up a credit card at the casino gift shop to feed her video poker habit. I don't know if they still have the option, but you could buy gift cards in the gift shop that could be exchanged for chips in the casino. #habits

You would have thought that someone at the Cosmo would have contacted him and asked if he was really racking up these kind of charges. I know it's Vegas and people spend money on lots of things but you have to have some kind of perspective.

High end clients spend way more than that on high end, ahem, "escorts" so this wouldn't even be seen as anything unusual. This dude needs to find himself a reliable agency and buy his sex the honest way.

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