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Luxor Sinks

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 14th September 2011 3:28pm
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Two weeks ago, VT friend and local TV investigative journalist Jon Humbert unleashed a report that county officials were investigating structural problems beneath Luxor.

MGM Resorts acknowledged there are cracks in non-visible parts of pyramid. Construction firms have been brought in to inspect and keep and eye on the growth of the cracks.

Exactly a year before this, the Review Journal reported that the south east corner of Luxor's basement had basically been condemned in July and quoted county officials which called Luxor's casino level a "deficient slab."

When I read Jon's report, I originally thought that this was a retelling of the July 2010 issues, but after thinking about it and doing some other research I'm compelled to think that the 2011 structural issues - cracks in the non-visible parts of the pyramid (the steel structure?) - might be a second symptom of a greater structural issue at Luxor.

As some of you may recall, during the final phases construction of Mandalay Bay, it was discovered that the hotel's elevator core was settling (sinking) at an alarming rate of a 1/2 inch per week while the wings of the building were sinking at a slower rate. If neglected, the sinking of the elevator core would outstrip the sinking of the hotel wings, causing the building to fissure and possibly collapse.

To fix this, Mandalay Resort Group hired Nicholson Construction to re-engineer the hotels slab by drilling 536 200 foot deep micropile underpinnings into the earth attached to 350 ton hydraulic jacks. Construction took crews working round the clock four months to complete.

Luxor is Mandalay Bay's shorter, lighter next door neighbor. Could it be that this is is the same type of sinking that Mandalay did but the shorter, lighter Egyptian version?

I'm most definitely the MGM PR machine's biggest skeptic in the universe. I've heard those guys release statements that contradict the internal documents I've read. I've sat next to Gordon Absher while he evaded questions about CityCenter from the Vegas Gang at VPP2. I just can't help but be a little suspicious when they say:

Engineers hired to conduct this survey concluded that cracks noticed by County inspectors occurred over a long period of time and that there is no current risk to life safety.

If these cracks took place over a "long period of time" why did it take the county inspectors to find it instead of regular structural inspection by MGM's own engineers. Shit, at least they should've had it inspected at when they bought the joint, no?

When it comes to structural integrity, MGM isn't the industry standard bearer. See also this. and this.

Castles made of sand fall into the sea, eventually.

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Comments & Discussion:

Immediately after reading the title of this article, the Mandalay Bay issue came to mind. Issues like this don't appear then sit, they continue to grow over time and worsen. The statement that part of the basement had been condemned is already enough evidence that there is something wrong.

I'd stay elsewhere. And you should too.

Odds for the next implosion in Vegas should be updated.

I've been hearing that the Luxor is sinking since it first opened, so this rumor has been going around for close to 20 years. Something about it being built on top of an underground reservoir. Maybe we are finally reaching critical mass.

Can the engineers fix this problem like they fixed Mandalay Bay's? If Luxor sleeps with the pharoahs, does that mean that the Sahara reopens ahead of schedule?

Obviously this isn't a big deal. They haven't brought in Feldman.

MGM had nothing to do with building Luxor or Mandalay Bay, a different company did that. This whole story, and comments, seems to suggest that MGM intentionally puts thousands of lives at risk and Clark County is a corrupt or incompetent co-conspirator. I'm having trouble believing that.

I do wonder if the structural problems that Cathouse had after it first opened were related to the ongoing issues Luxor seems to be having. Although I get my timeframes mixed up and perhaps that was the 2010 findings.

Now I finally understand how the Titanic exhibit fits in here.

Let's hope it's not that bad.. Let's say its worse case scenario, the building has settled to the point of being a total loss. It's condemned and imploded. Would MGM's insurance allow them to rebuild something or is Mandalay Place going to extend all the way to Excalibur? We need another empty lot, oh yes we do!

Check out this (very vintage) 'Modern Marvels' where they talk about the quick build of the Luxor at the one-minute mark. The commentator notes how it was built similar to a movie set, not a landmark that would be around for years and years to come.


While there are a myriad of reasons for doing so, one can't help but wonder if KK had reason to fear a massive hit to MGM in litigation, liability or just publicity so he sold lots of interest?
I wouldn't live in an apartment that had a subterranean garage with this problem, much less a structure that, the first 12 times they ran the programs, collapsed on the cad simulations.
Not a good idea to mess with the curse of the boy king Tut.

can't Criss Angel just levitate the hotel while they pour more concrete under it?

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