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Golden Gate To Expand

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 14th September 2011 1:41pm
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Here's some more good news for Downtown/Fremont Street, our pal Ben Spillman at the Review Journal has ferreted out plans for an expansion of the famed Golden Gate.

No, the expansion isn't their recent blowing through the Fremont street frontage to install an IBBS (Ice Blended Booze Stand) but a full on five story addition that will occupy a huge chunk of the parking lot out back.

Golden Gate Expansion

Very crude stick rendering of what the layout might be

applicant is requesting approval of a 24,603 square-foot addition to an existing 71,156 square-foot hotel/casino and improvements to two existing surface parking lots. The proposed uses are permitted and in conformance with the General Plan and the C-2 (General Commercial) zoning district. The site consists of the existing Golden Gate Hotel and Casino and a valet parking lot north of Carson Avenue, and a surface parking lot to the south. The addition is located at the rear of the existing structure, adjacent to the valet lot, and includes 4,267 square feet of casino floor area, 19 hotel suites as well as additional lobby, restaurant and service areas.

Basically they're going to blow the back wall out and move everything southward, pushing those shrimp cocktails 50 yard further away from your belly. Atop the new casino/deli/hotel lobby expansion will be some brand new suite product.

Golden Gate Expansion

So now Plaza, Caesars Palace and Golden Gate think that now is a good time to add or majorly upgrade room product. I wonder what Boyd Gaming thinks about this.

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Comments & Discussion:

They've got a pretty short timetable on this project, as the article says they intend to have the casino improvements done by March and the new tower open by May. I guess a trip next fall will be in order, assuming that some of these suites will be bookable to the unwashed masses.... Now they just need to replace the windows in theirs in order to cut down the noise. My last two stays were in one of their larger rooms on the 4th floor (Non-smoking queen bed) which has a pretty decent sized bathroom, especially since many of the rooms have what are essentially long closets.

Just as long as they don't fuck with the original vintage building, I think this is a great addition to downtown. I adore the atmosphere of the place, even though I prefer the old piano player to the dancing skanks in the casino.

since when did you develop an aversion to dancing skanks?

Touché my good friend! ;)

I love this project, so please don't think I'm being critical. I wonder how they are going to make up for the lost parking? I keep hoping they are going to expand into the Nevada Hotel and Casino building across the street south. I think it's a rinky dink building, but it was one of the first Casinos that Sam Boyd built when he was starting the Boyd Gaming empire and I'd like to see some of that magic rub off on Derek Stevens and the Golden Gate team.

It's too bad that Boyd blew up the Stardust. Stardust would be doing pretty well right now. Obviously Echelon isn't going to happen. What's Boyd's Plan B? Bring back the Stardust?

I'm with jucifers. Boyd has to be crying huge tears thinking that they simply could have upgraded Stardust. We're simply not going to see Echelon. Probably ever. If it isn't even worth it to finish F-blu, building an Echelon pretty much from scratch simply isn't feasible.

Ah, if the Boyd's had a way back machine the Stardust would still be there and we wouldn't be looking at girders every day.

Well, if I hadn't had that tooth ache 10 years ago, I wouldn't be stung out on painkillers now. What's that got to do with today?
Tearing down Stardust was the right decision at the time, stopping Echelon was the right decision at the time and doing nothing is the right decision now. That's a consenus I've heard from everyone from Steve Wynn to Gary Loveman to D. Taylor and any other insider or analyst.
There will be a time (within the next five years) when it pencils out to build something on the Stardust II site. It will use the existing structure, finished in such a manner that expansion can be easily tied in. There is a damn strong foundation there and there is no reason to tear it down, IMO.

BTW, thanks to Chuck for putting more effort into this story and having a better, more complete finished product than the Sun or R-J. What is mainstream nowadays ?

Thanks for linking to the story, VT, nice to see my work get some more play on a respected site -- even though for some reason the effort wasn't enough for JeffinOKC.

My apologies, LVReporter. In the early morning haze I meant to compliment Chuck on taking the time to make the 2 artists renderings of what the expansion will look like. No problem there. Yet I chose to forget the fullness of your reporting efforts (including visiting the Golden Gate and interviewing customers and management) and criticize your finished story. I was wrong and would like to apoligize twice in the same paragrpah.

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