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Can You Guess This Hotel?

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 13th September 2011 2:42pm
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It is time for another round of "Guess The Hotel" this time featuring some room pix sent in by VT reader and Doritos chef Big Hoss. Please don't Google or search Trip Advisor for matching photos... use your noggin and the evidence provided.

Guess The Hotel

Guess The Hotel

Guess The Hotel

Guess The Hotel

Are you ready? GO!

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Comments & Discussion:

looks like Treasure Island bedding


TI. Narrow window. Must be a weird variant of the regular room.

Winners! This is the Treasure Island Petite Suite. Easy!

Dang, I would've thought TI was more obscure with this crowd. Oh well.


Most definitely TI.. but not the petite suite... well at least the petite suite I stayed in had a different configuration and different furnishings (as these were remodeled a year prior to the rest of the rooms). Without cheating id say its a standard.

That's a Treasure Island panoramic room. Stayed in one in January

.... one of the other suites actually? Now im confused.

^^ Donnymac's right. I looked on the TI website and I think it's called the Panoramic Room. My fault, I called it a jr. suite when I sent it to Chuck. This one was a larger-than-standard corner room with windows on two walls. Although the photo for the Petite Suite looks very similar - identical headboard, daybed/couch thingee, and awkward-to-watch-from-bed flatscreen anyway - those rooms apparently have two bathrooms, which this one did not. Sorry to confuse, Steve.

Yep this it TI. I stayed there a few years back the time it snowed in Vegas the day after I left.

No problem Hoss.. I stayed in a panoramic before the remodel but honestly didn't recognize it. The Petite suite is awesome... the only problem is it's location near the central core... lots of noise at night with people coming off the elevators and the sounds would echo off the marble flooring in the suite foyer. Our petite suite had the media center desk next to the window and a hide-a-bed sofa across from the TV and a small bar area adjacent to that. Not a bad value but when I get offers from Wynncore for 129/night, TI goes back to the bottom.

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