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Palms' New Owners Jettison Maloof From Branding, Marquee

By Blackjacker1979 on Monday, 12th September 2011 4:17pm
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Plams Rebranding

Checking up on a tip on the board, I popped into the Plams Palms to check out a few things, turns out they're tidying up a bit.

Seems that all the new casino table games have received a fresh felt - well 75%, they can't go all out, can they? The new felts serendipitously remove the line "A Maloof Family Resort" from the familiar Palms moniker.

Similarly, a sign company was setting up a cherry picker in front of the main marquee in what I would guess is a move to pluck the same branding from the neon jungle out front. [The cherry picker is there to update the marquee as it usually is that late. Updating the sign would require heavier equipment. - Ed]

Plams Rebranding

I guess 20% ownership just doesn't have the cache it used to.

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Comments & Discussion:

I thought Maloof ownership was 2%...?

It is, with 18% "to be named later"

The cherry picker is probably there for updating the marquee as they do that almost daily. To take the Maloof singage down would require one of those gigantic Yesco trucks.

They should replace the street side signage anyway. For all the stuff built in Vegas over the past ten years, this has to be one of the most dated marquees on the strip. I always thought the rest of the resort was rather slick looking, but that sign has never seemed to have the same feeling as the rest of the joint.

Fuck the Maloofs. That whole family sucks.

Yes they do Stevecovington...yes they do.

About the Maloofs' share, it is currently 2%. If certain performance incentives are met, their share could reach 20%. Doesn't seem likely now, but I had heard George has two years to restore the former glory...

Someday I'll tell you all what George did after he was released following the DUI.

FYI, the cherry picker was from a sign company, not company employees.

Random tidbit - I did NOT know that YESCO also did some neon signage over in Berlin. I had no idea they did worldwide work. They restored the SHARP AQUOS sign on the roof of the....Sharp Aquos building.

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