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Can You Guess This Hotel? Palms Fantasy Tower

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 13th September 2011 2:36pm
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Here we go with yet ANOTHER round of "Guess The Hotel" where VegasTrippers everywhere put their knowledge of Las Vegas hotel rooms to the test.

This time we have a contribution of photos by VT superfriend, and the man who introduced me to the woman who became my lovely wife, Isaac!

Can you guess this hotel? I will post the winner as soon as someone gets it right.








Ready set GO!

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Comments & Discussion:



Paris Las Vegas


All incorrect.

ceasars palace


oh i know riveria

all incorrect!

MGM Grand?


the palms las vegas

i just checked on trip advisor and the pics matched the Palms


its definately palms

^^ Apollo is correct even though he cheated and looked on Trip Advisor. BOOO!

boo that man!

Thanks! It was entertaining.

Chuck whats your prediction for how they will change Wynn/Encore in the coming year? Blush closes - then what happen?

I have no idea.

Cheater! Enjoy your Chris Angel poster

Where does it say in the rules that you cant use tripadvisor?

That isn't what I imagined the Palms to look like... and what is the deal with the TV?

i thought it was implied that folks would use their brains not google/TA.

i think that might be the fantasy tower room

Hey Chuckmonster! Do you have the links to the special room rates for Picnic weekend?

okay noted for future reference. Sorry Im a switch over from Steve Friess's blog....wasnt sure of the protocol at the new club house.

The Maloofs must have bought surplus Excalibur items because that tall lamp in the corner by the window is identical to those at The Castle!!

@jucifers the links are being processed by Caesars bean counters as we speak. i'm hoping we will have them posted by early next week.

@apollo no big deal man. we're all just joking around. welcome home!

CM, Have you heard what's going to happen to Absinthe when the contract expires September 18th? It's an awesome show!

Thanks Chuckmonster!

@jucifers nope.

Wait a minute, your wife's name is Isaac? Does Gopher know about this?

What is it with hotel's putting rugs behind the beds instead of just the wall?

The biggest giveaway that it's The Palms? The free samples of Axe in the bathroom. Heaven forbid a douche would leave home without it!

What is it with hotel's putting rugs behind the beds instead of just the wall?

-its for intercourse (doggy style). The rugs are softer so when people heads are being banged against it is softer than if it were a wall.

Chuckmonster said it best during his review of Treasure Island.

The headboards are padded for your safety, perchance you get roped into in some rough stuff with one of the Sirens of TI.


I feel bad for Apollo.

Also, the AXE sample is not a complete giveaway for the Palms... the PHo also gives it away (at least they use to). My son loved it when I brought it home.

I feel bad for Apollo.

How come?

^^He doesn't use quotes when quoting someone, maybe?

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