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The Ugliest Building On The Strip For 2012

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 8th September 2011 1:19pm
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Even half done, half assed, casino in a house dress, The Fontainebleau, looks downright sexy next to this abomination... the new Starbucks at TI.

TI Starbucks

No, not TI. The thing at the base.

TI Starbucks


TI Starbucks

Seriously? Vintage adobe style sponge painting? Has Phil Ruffin just discovered HGTV?? What an abomination. I'm half tempted to go to Pergament Home Depot, buy a half dozen gallons of paint and do the job right.

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Comments & Discussion:

This is actually an improvement from the previous margarita bar, which was a roach coach along the sidewalk to the front door alongside the road all the taxis are zooming down to deliver people to the gates of piratedom.

As I said way back when in a Strip Walk, "you seriously couldn't have been bothered to finish walking through the property's doors to get drunk?"

They even installed that camera to watch the wall. They are clearly proud.

What's with the creepy Starbucks mermaid peering over the sign?

Are we lookin at the Starbucks? Or the lady in the pink tube dress top with the ultra saggy bewbs??

They used some of the most valuable real estate in the world for this? Aesthetics aside, this seems like a poor business decision. I'm sure Starbucks is paying them a pretty penny for the spot, but they (TI and Ruffin) could have insisted on a better design. Talk about your missed opportunities.

They should have put the creepy mermaid on top of the T.I. to complete the look, ala Starbucks global headquarters in Seattle.

Last time I saw something that ugly it came after listening to Ty Pennington scream "Move that bus!"

Looks like an Olive Garden.

Technically, that's not a mermaid. She's a twin tailed siren. Original Starbucks logo: http://img51.imageshack.us/img51/8576/starbucks2o.jpg

Sheesh...some people just don't follow 17th centruy Norseman history.

Just what the world needs, another Starbucks.....

They didn't even bother with a budget for decorating the margarita bar half. The only decorations are a few promotional tequila signs provided for free by the liquour vendors. I'm not even sure they painted the drywall.

Wow, not even an attempt to tie it into the rest of the resort. Phil should have saved some money and just parked a double-wide in that spot. Tube top gal would feel right at home.

I hated when they built Diablo's in front of MC and I hate this even more.

So much of the strip looks fairly ugly during the day. Wonder if they did anything to make this look good at night. Extra Lights? Anything?

you really think this looks worse than the Jockey Club?

They better have a camera on that wall, that's a prime tagging target if I've ever seen one on the strip.

Meh... it's not so bad, +1 for the JockeyClub

Just say no to Tube Tops.

Jinx73 -- It looks like it has already been tagged... Can you see the smiley face that looks like it as been lightly 'blotted' over on the close-up picture!? (or is it just me?)

Someone was truly smoking crack here, it doesn't even go with the theme of the hotel. Tear it down!

@jonasjones - you beat me to it, looks like cover up fro tagging

it really does nothing to entice even the greenhorns in to drop some cash at their casino. I despair.

This is go awful ugly and doesnt even fit with the theme of the hotel. Why isnt the Starbuck's inside?

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