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Can You Guess This Hotel? - Caesars Palace

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 8th September 2011 2:58pm
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VT reader datagram was kind enough to send us some pics of the room he stayed in while in town to do a presentation at DEFCON last month. In the spirit of his presentation - the finer points of security and lock picking - it is up to you to 'pick the lock' of what hotel this room is from.

I'll post the name as soon as someone gets it right.

Ready? GO!

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Oh, wait. I'm thinking Excalibur.


whatever that Platinum place is that's like right off the strip across from the Westin Causarina?


Pizza, pizza.

^^ winner: Caesars. Bonus round... which tower?


Palace Tower.

^^ double winner. Nice going Mike!

Since when do employees get to participate? (kicks dirt in anger)

^^What he said.

I was gonna guess Caesars as well, the lamp on the nightstand gives it away. That color scheme on the drapes and headboard are terrible though. I like this trivia game, let's have more rounds shall we?

Stop your whining, Eric. If I hadn't answered it, you would have.

And that's why I love you Mike. You call it like it is. (and if I hadn't, John was on that like me on drunken noodles)

That baby/Smurf blue on the drapes is indeed dreadful. Otherwise, the Palace Tower rooms are amazing. I stayed in a Forum Tower room in August and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The whole thing is dreadful. The more I look at this room the more I think it looks like something I'd see in first year design theory. Gross.

The second picture is one of the worst things I have ever seen in my life. The bed looks comfy but that wall suggests living in a padded room.

Caesars Palace - Palace tower....that HORRIBLE peach shower with gold trimming gives it away.

Yipes, the first two photos had me leaning toward a Days Inn or Ramada. Definitely didn't feel the luxury in those shots. Nice bathroom though.

I don't care for the bathroom (the vanity, in particular, looks like something plucked from a Home Depot end cap) but I do give Caesars props for putting jetted tubs in the Augustus and Palace Towers. Very nice touch. I was surprised that neither Wynn nor Encore had these, although I'm sure the maintenance is a headache.

What a dump! I have been to vegas 50+ times, and have never stayed at Caesars. Now, I am feel very fortunate that I have given all my money to Steve Wynn (Mirage, Bellagio, Wynn and Encore.) He may take my money, but I have never stayed in a room that looks like this.

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