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It's Official: Blush at Wynn Closing

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 7th September 2011 12:59am
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The rumor that Blush nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas was closing - which we first heard from VT reader Geoff's post on The Board earlier this afternoon has panned out as absolutely true.

The official Blush nightclub Twitter feed confirmed that Saturday is indeed the final night of Blush Nightclub.

All good things must come to an end. Only 5 more days to party with me.

Whatever comes next will be the third tenant of the space that opened originally as Lure. Perhaps another club? Or a restaurant? Or maybe move the club to the Alex space and put a restaurant where Blush was?

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Comments & Discussion:

High Limit lounge? High Limit slots?

What is the advantage of moving it from where it is?

More space? Another Roger Thomas redesign?

I would like a Wynn version of Petrossian in this space.

Like that would ever happen.

Isn't Parasol sorta that?

I've never thought Parasol had the ambience of Petrossian.

Wynn's high limit slot room is fairly small, dark and isolated feeling. Its proximity to Tower Suites check-in makes it a space well suited to a Petrossian-like lounge open to both the casino floor and Tower Suites lobby.

Move High Limit slots to Blush, a 4,500 sq ft space. It would give these high-profit players a brighter space with their own patio and space for a lounge with snacks.

If Wynn wants a boutique lounge, move Blush to Alex with its two-level design and a garden off the back. Perhaps Alex is holding its own as a private dining/reception area, and Wynn will decide there's no need for Blush at Wynncore.

I'm not sure if I buy adding some high end slot machines and a snack lounge as the impetus for closing a night club that seemed to be doing pretty good business.... unless wynn is seeing a saturation point OR feeling/hearing the wrath of customers who dislike the club crowd.

A piano bar, a more exclusive and intimate space with some live entertainment. Enough of lounges/clubs and dj's. Tryst, XS, Encore Beach Club, Surrender... there are way too many clubs there. I wish they created a space like the extinct Fontana Bar or Petrossian.

I suspect Wynn makes more off of high end slot players than he does from an expensive to operate boutique lounge. Aen't Blush customers a more subtle group than those at XS/Surrender/EBC? I doubt Blushers create any wrath. It's got to be dollars and cents, and there's no need for an additional restaurant in the totality of Wynn and Encore.

Easiest change: New ultra lounge.

My vote would be for live music, something akin to La Scena at Venetian.

Heres the thing.

They want a separation of douchebags from casino guests. Roger Thomas has already mentioned that they want to get the xs line up away from the show enterence.

Moving Blush to Alex would get their clientele away from the casino area.

Hopefully whatever replaces it will have decor that matches spray tan orange and wifebeater white...

My vote is for a regular lounge. Turn it into Fontana 2.0 but keep it open at least more than half the week..

Do I sense the Hand of Spiegel here? Will it become a combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell?

If I remember correctly, there was a rumor a few months back that the property was looking at developing a burger concept. I guess it's possible that they could put Steve's Burgers and Brews in the Blush space. One could argue that it makes more sense to shutter Stratta and put a burger place there, but converting Blush into the concept makes a bit more sense than does moving high limit slots to the space.

Food Court!!! Hello, 4th meal!!

If they move Blush or any other lounge/club to where Alex was, isn't it going to be contrary to the "small neighborhoods" concept behind Wynn Las Vegas? Unless Wynn has abandoned that idea. There is a sense of exclusivity by the Tower Suites entrance that will drastically change if a night club opens there.

I vote for Sad Panda Express.....

Strategically placed bush?

"unless wynn is seeing a saturation point OR feeling/hearing the wrath of customers who dislike the club crowd."
Chuck, from your mouth to Ms. Winn's ears....

Hex hex hex.

Odd that Blush just started following me on Twitter today. Maybe that's a sign that it's not completely going away.

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