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By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 6th September 2011 3:48pm
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Ladies and gentlemen, an era has ended. Packed to the gills with a who's who of Las Vegas' most beautiful people, Mirage's famed nightclub Jet touched down for the last time.

Bow your heads in oontzful respect with this low fi "Taps" dubstep remix station.

Dirty Oontz


Don't cry too long folks as 1OAK (1 Of A Kind) is scheduled to make its debut New Years Eve 2011/12, same night as the Hyde Lounge at Bellagio.

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Comments & Discussion:

it's getting less and less appealing to travel all the way to vegas just to be near the same butt-smear douchebags i avoid in NYC.

why go to the desert when i've got boom boom at the standard, indoor swim up bars at hotel QT, and i can make an 8pm dinner reservation in AC after work on a thursday?

Eh, that kind of sucks. I wanted to go in there again. But alas, like everything else in Vegas, it comes and goes.

From what I heard a little while ago, this is more of just a quick redesign and change out of decor and seating.. new booths, new lighting, upgraded BOH, etc. Unless plans have changed... I guess no real major structural changes.

Change the name and you have a "new" club for the fraction of the cost of something from the ground up.

I can't wait to go party it up at One Oak. (I guarantee you NOBODY gets that name right for at least a year, annoying every single cab driver in the city to no end.)

I hex 1OAK with the strongest hex that I know.
One less club the better, and then let it become a freaking trend.

I think the city is already saturated from a club perspective. Outside of Jet's initial run and some 'bad' publicity was it ever relevant. I'm doubting the replacement will be either. My guess is it's also one of the first spaces to get re purposed eventually as something other then a club.

Is it really "One of a Kind" when there's another just like it in NYC?

Seriously though, with the emphasis on clubs shifting to already established franchises (Hyde) could this mean that the hotels are starting to get desperate to find an audience in an over-saturated market?

God, I hope so.

1OAK eh? I guess they got wood.

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