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What Is In The Bill's Tahoe Safe?

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 6th September 2011 2:38pm
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During demolition of the former Bill's in Lake Tahoe as it becomes a CVS a rather large safe has been found concealed in hidden wall. No shit. Three locksmiths and and a number of cat burglars later, the owners of the building still haven't managed to get the thing open as this story is on the verge of spilling into the national media spotlight.

To make matters even worse, the son of the buildings owner has taken to Reddit to tell more of the story and post some photos of his knucklehead buddies posing with the safe.

What is in Bill's Safe:

3:2 blackjack
Gary Loveman's blowdryer
Sahara Tahoe
Sammy Hagar's talent....

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A can of paint for the Paris balloon

The real Bellagio room redesigns.

C'mon, I bet I could get that safe open in less than a day. Also, if it is that old, why is it surrounded by metal studs?

I smell hoax.

Major Safe Company Incorporated
11925 Pacific Ave # 1811
Fontana, CA 92337

That particular safe was manufactured by Major. They keep records of the combination of everything they make associated with the original serial number. Simply contact Major, prove you are the owner or have rights to the contents of the safe, and they'll give you the combination. It's going to be 3 numbers. Simply:

4 times left to the first number,
3 times right to the second number,
2 times left to the third number,
1 time right, slowly to stop.

Hoax theory continues...

The metal studs made me think the same thing.

No Geraldo jokes yet?

Determined to break the "Bill's Safe Hoax" theory here on vegastripping, the guy the purchased the property originally stated to the press he was going to turn the place into a strip club. Now he's saying he's going to turn it into a pharmacy, jewelry store, Pilates studio and a clothing store. That's a pretty big decision change, eh?

Anyone got an connections at the building department up there in Tahoe? I need all building permits from 1987-1988 pulled. The theory is when Harrah's purchased the joint in 1987 they did a full remodel. During that remodeled, they ripped out the wood studs surrounding the staircase and installed newer termite proof steel ones. Further, based on the weight of the safe, I venture to guess the safe was originally downstairs but proved to problematic to lift up and out due to the weight. Hence, the construction crew decided to "hide" it inside the staircase to save money and time.

Bamm! Got ya!

Those studs look like they were JUST put in.

Hoax theory continued...

It's getting worse by the minute. The owner has contacted the production people behind the former Oprah show so they can open the safe "live." They are currently going through the legal paperwork and negotiating for compensation. Sigh.

Further, they have reported the serial number on the safe is ms011746. However, a quick search of valid Major serial numbers indicates the serials are usually a single letter and 5 or 6 digits, or just 5 or 6 numbers.

Why hasn't the manufacturer been engaged at this point?
Why has the owner provided an incorrect serial number?

Why am I the only one obsessed with cracking this case?

^^ Geraldo???

Jimmy Hoffa?

It's 10 days old, but an update. Fucking Oprah.


It was empty.


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