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I Can Name That Tune In One Chunkachunk

By Chuckmonster on Saturday, 3rd September 2011 10:41am
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I can name that Pantera tune in a half dozen palm-muted chunkachunks and three pick squeals. Name that tune biatch!

Name That Tune Live!, Las Vegas' newest game show at Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino, has rewarded its first ever grand prize winner, just two weeks after premiering on the famed Las Vegas Strip. After correctly naming 15 songs in less than 60 seconds, including The Doors' "Riders On The Storm" and "Take Me Or Leave Me" from the famous play "Rent," Jenna Hollenbeck of Rochester, NY leaves Las Vegas with $10,000 in her pocket. Hollenbeck sealed the deal with "Cemetery Gates" by Pantera, with just two seconds left on the Name That Tune clock.

\m/_ FUCK YEAH _\m/

You can Name That Tune every day except Tuesday at 3pm in the Imperial Palace.


Comments & Discussion:

That sounds like something that might be fun to check out. Maybe they will have the dealertainers lip synch the tunes soon

How easy would it be to have a friend with SoundHound or Shazam on their phone messaging you through an ear piece? That was my first thought reading someone knowing both a Rent and Pantera song off the top of their heads. I doubt any of the management or show producers even know about those apps. Key is the short amount of time though I suppose.

I guess their musical knowledge is so varied because they live in Rochester. During the winter, there's not much to do besides drinking and music, at least the couple folks I used to know from there told me....

I'd love to know what the person looked like. I'm picturing a woman wearing flannel, and the Rochester bit is reinforcing that.


Nevermind on that then.

Vespajet, that is very true.
I spent 4 years in Syracuse. That was pretty much 8 months a year of cold, dark and snow. It was there that I discovered Norwegian Black Metal, Captain Beefheart and 1977-era Grateful Dead.

No Captain Beyond?

Yes...no flannel here! I do have a wide interest in music, but I definitely lucked out because they didn't give me many country songs. There is absolutely no time to have a friend help with a phone app though. I had to name 10 songs in 30 seconds and then 15 songs in 60. It was a great time and I highly recommend anyone to go check out the show if you get a chance!

That gal has some awesome taste in music.

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