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Jersey Boys Moves To Paris, Manilow Is A Goner

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 2nd September 2011 1:09pm
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Exactly as Mike Weatherford reported last week, the Jersey Boys are moving from Palazzo to Paris Las Vegas in Spring 2012.

This means that Barry Manilow will most likely be ending his Paris run when his two year contract ends in early 2012.

Blue Man Group left Venetian to work at Monte Carlo. Rita Rudner left Harrah's to work at Palazzo. Jersey Boys left Palazzo to work at Paris. Manilow leaving Paris to work at __________.

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...the Copa! Copa Cabana!


Its like musical chairs. Big loss for Palazzo in my opinion. Jersey Boys is a good show, even if you're young and straight. :)

Shit, I'm dead now, how can I post?


Viva Manilow?

Gut instinct is Harrahs, if he stays within the family.

Manilow is leaving Paris to work at Wynncore and will have a schedule that will be done around Garth Brooks' appearances. I just don't see Manilow moving over to Harrah's.

I'm going to predict that Jersey Boys will be replaced by either Human Nature, as they will be without a home once the Impotent Palace closes for renovations/rebranding/delousing or the Palazzo will bring in another Broadway musical (Bringing back Mama Mia perhaps?).

Other acts moving I've heard, although not the same caliber performers as those listed are Anthony Cools from Paris to Plaza, and tiger magician Rick Thomas is heading for the Riviera while doing a temp run at P Ho after the closure of Sahara.

The most obvious choice would be Ceasers...Manilow could join the roster already assembled that includes Celine, Rod, Jerry, etc..

Manilow to Palazzo or Venetian, a three year run and done, by that point he'll be close to 10 years straight on the strip (starting at the Hilton in 2004).

Manilow heads to Caesar's to fill gaps in the show rotation from 2013-2015 then retires for a bit.

Wow, that is a major fuck-up by Sands. Even if BMG was only half-filling it's room the one time I saw them there that's still a big name and a big empty space, and Jersey Boys is a license to print money.

Mybe Judy Tenuta will share the showroom with The Rudner and they can get Andrew "Dice" Clay and Bobcat Goldthwait to take over the BMG showroom and they can call it "The MEGASHOWCASE(tm) of Marginally Popular Washed Up 1980s Comedians"

Hell, I don't think IP is being closed for anything. They'll just cover any gaping holes with black visqueen and make the construction workers use battery powered tools. Because they're quieter, of course.

I know when Anthony Cools venture at the Plaza was announced, it was thought that his show was moving there are well, but those reports were quashed. So unless things have changed and the Plaza needs something in their showroom now that The Rat Pack Is Back has moved to the Rio, his show will remain at Paris. The showroom at the Plaza is too big for his show anyway, as the Anthony Cools Theater at Paris can be best described as being the size of two meeting rooms (I saw the show he produced a few years back called "Oh La La" in that room.).

Maybe that theatre could be a new home for Lance Burton

Has anyone seen Anthony Cools? Is his show any good?

Venetian should try to sign Absinthe to a long-term contract. Absinthe and Love are the two best shows in Las Vegas.

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