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We Now Know What MGM's Green Advantage Is!

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 31st August 2011 4:29pm
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Way back in April, we inquired as to what MGM Resorts International had up its sleeve when they copyrighted the terms "MGM Resorts Green Advantage" and "M life Green Advantage."

Check out the original post.

Well, we now know... it was option #4, marketing hogwash that will get them tax rebates and some thinly reputable ego boosting awards. CEO Jim Murren had this to say in the press release

Leadership is about walking the talk. We are proud that our efforts have been validated by our properties receiving the highest levels in the Green Key Eco-Hospitality Rating system, and that CityCenter in Las Vegas is the largest LEED Gold certified development in the world, with six LEED Gold awards.

Still can't decide whether or not to send Murren a new Jansport backpack or a monogrammed bullshit shovel for his birthday.

For those interested in buying some of Murren's environmental astroturf, here is a whole bunch of it... including two pages of awards on pages 30 & 31.

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Comments & Discussion:

"Leadership is about walking the talk."

oh Jimmy, why don't you make like a tree and leave?

Call me old-fashioned, but shouldn't MGM be focusing more on customer service than LEED Gold awards? Tax breaks are nice, but a loyal clientele would seem much more profitable.

I think there are some tax advantages to going green, but most Vegas visitors would prefer clean sheets and towels, air conditioning, lightning that doesn't make you look sickly, clean water (rather than partially recycled) for washing, and bottled water to drink.

Perhaps the MGM Press release about all the LEED green awards, is to try to take attention away from the $337.5 million lawsuit that was just filed against them by the "small group of ARIA guests who contracted Legionnaire's disease at the property". From the las vegas weekly ->


In my humble opinion: giving ANY Las Vegas Resort a LEED certification is complete PR(for both organizations)...

Just as ridiculous as giving a 3000-room hotel a 5-Diamond rating. (thanks AAA -sell out). IMHO...lol.

oh yeah, Aria is umpteenth level LEED green certified, but how many of their properties use megawatts per night on neon and incandescent bulbs?

Yes, it's marketing, but the LEED certification is what differentiates the property in the eyes of all the folks out there planning conventions.

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