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Cosmopolitan Tears Down The Wall At Queue Bar

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 31st August 2011 4:31pm
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Queue Bar

At the outset, Cosmopolitan's Queue Bar was intended to live up to its name... a place to wait while trying to get into the Marquee nightclub. As fate would have it, Cosmopolitan decided that it was better to make those folks queue up on the second floor near the drunk food.

And they wonder why their casino tables aren't getting a lot of play.

Queue Bar

Perhaps Cosmopolitan has learned something that we all kinda know, night club crowds and casino floors don't exactly mix. Encore tried to rope rodeo that line through the middle of the casino until they decided to push it outside, now the Esplanade is sheer insanity when XS is open.

Seeing its raison d'etre taken away, the Queue Bar has languished in Deuce Lounge type of confusion. Is it a bar? Is it a lounge? Is it a nightclub? Is it part of the casino? Is there anybody out there?

Presumably, Cosmopoliticians have crunched the numbers, and come to the same conclusion anyone with a working eyeball could. The Queue Bar isn't doing much of business. With casino unable to keep its tables occupied and the presence of 4 other bars within ear shot, there is no reason or demand for the Queue bar to continue - unless they dedicate it as a waystation for guests stranded by hotel operations snafutti.

As with any other empty space with nobody home, waiting for the worms to serve the comfortably numb their glasses of young lust during the happiest days of our lives is doomed to have the last few bricks fall through the thin ice.

And down they have come.

Queue Bar

All in all it was just a bricks in the Queue Bar.

Drapery around gaming tables, drilling, electrical work being installed in the floor? Either they are removing the table games or they are repositioning them for something more substantial? A poker room maybe? Expanded bar? A Mega Dog?

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You couldn't have worked "Run Like Hell" into your Pink Floyd: The Wall montage?

I could be wrong, but last trip there it appeared they were using the covered area for invited slot tournaments, which might have to do with the covering, although it's likely something more substantial as you speculated.

Good to see them open it up though, as well placed as their bars are, they really should be looking at integrating them on the property, it's their best feature of the floor.

They have the nooks and privacy available on the floor, but I think they might have gone too far, focusing on integration should help, especially since the floor is so narrow and smaller.

I believe the reconfiguration process went a little something like this:

I always liked the Queue bar because it was empty on busy nights. The area doesn't have a bathroom and the bar takes up half the space, so there are limits on what they can do with it. Book&Stage is often packed, so i'm guessing they add a piano and keep it as a lounge/bar.

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