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The New Plaza : Interiors

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 30th August 2011 1:59pm
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Plaza Renovation Paint

As promised, here are some more photos of the New Plaza as it slowly makes its way towards grand opening date. Warning: this is a soft opening. Lots of stuff isn't finished, is broken or in process of repair and/or renovation. It is also quite possible that some of the unfinished stuff photographed last Thursday has been fixed already.

Plaza Renovation Exterior

It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do. Here's what the unpainted South Tower looked like a few years ago. The red balconies are new.

Plaza Renovation Mcdonalds

The McDonalds is being completely renovated inside and out.

Plaza Renovation Giftshop

These dice were used in this fabulous casino.

Plaza Renovation Bathrooms

Love the tiling around the bathroom entrances. The Amtrak mural on the wall back there is still intact (for now).

Plaza Renovation Cafelatte

Adjacent to the lobby is Cafelatte, a coffee, pastries & gelato joint. Gorgeous.

Plaza Renovation Registrati

The registration desk. While checking in, registration agents asked guests if they would like bottled water. A little piece of 5 star service downtown. Awesome.

Plaza Renovation Lobby

And check out this sexy little lobby sitting area. Unfortunately there is no lobby bar.

Plaza Renovation Lobbyway

If I owned this joint, the first thing I would do is silence that neon Subway sign. Yikes.

Plaza Renovation Lobbyalt

This alternate view of the lobby area shows that there are tons of little nooks to have a conversation or relax. Kudos.

Plaza Reno Hallway

This is the hallway from registration to the casino. It doesn't smell like musty hot dogs anymore.

Plaza Renovation Landing

This is the elevator landing for the main tower which is closed for renovation.

Plaza Renovation Hashhouse

Immediately to the left of the lobby is the Hash House A GoGo which should be open now.

Plaza Renovation Carpets

The new carpet (left) and the old carpet (right).

Plaza Renovation Casinopit

The casino pit. The craps tables have moved from the far end to the front. I didn't see any poker tables in the far corner by the showroom. Anybody remember the old "Poker at The Plaza" TV show?

Plaza Renovation Luckys

The sportsbook is in process of being completely renovated. Lucky's Bar appears to be just about ready for prime time.

Plaza Renovation Swingers

Swingers, a bar/dueling pianos/lounge/putt putt golf course, was still under construction when I was there. It has since opened.

Plaza Renovation Slots

Slot machines and casino decor, facing the south tower. All the machines appear to be brand new. Additionally, there is a food & bev outlet under construction by the south east Main St. entrance.

Exciting times at the Plaza. I hope that they are able to attract and retain customers when all the wrinkles have been ironed out, spurring renovations at some of the other downtown properties.

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Comments & Discussion:

Wow. That's quite a facelift. I'm impressed.

Chuck, thanks for another great update. Will definitely check out the Plaza when I'm n Vegas in October.

Wow. I'm still interested to see how dedicated they'll be with maintaining the niceness, given how easy it is for a mid to lower-tier property to fall into disrepair fairly quickly. They fell into good fortune with the Fontainebleau fire sale, but how will it all look like in 2 years?

I'm working on my write-up now. I think people that walk in off the street will be very pleasantly surprised. As for guests, it may be more of a mixed bag. Hopefully I'll be posting soon.

Am I the only one that liked the old carpet?

If I had to pick a carpet in the picture I would pick the old 3D. The more I look at it the more I like it but would it fit with the new design.

Thanks for the pics! As another commenter already said, hopefully they keep it up to snuff.

Damn, this looks very nice. I will have to wander across the street and check the place out when I hit Freemont in October.

Hmmm... I wonder if someone is going to go after the Lucky's Bar for kind of copying the logo for Deal or No Deal.

Lookin snazzy. Especially loving the crush velvet check in area.

Impressive redesign. Definitely more then a coat of paint.

Hank, I think a remodel like this inspires staff a little bit to keep things clean and to maintain the areas. I don't think it will look pristine and some of that is due to the fact that I think downtown's casinos are 'used' a bit harder then strip ones even, due to the smaller spaces, but I'm guessing it will still look pretty good. Although as you said time will tell.

Jinx, I definitely think the employees will take a certain pride in keeping the place as well-maintained as possible. I'm only concerned that maintenance will probably be one of the first things cut from the budget (assuming there's an adequate maintenance budget in place to begin with, of course) if management doesn't see big enough returns reasonably fast.

WOW, I will definitley visit on my next trip. alway avoided it before on my trip to Fremont.

Great pics , thanks !
If the guys from Plaza had more pics like these in their website people will run to their casino and hotel without a doubt. I did get me a reservation for the weekend of Sep-16 since 2 months ago and they only had a couple of pics of the "new" rooms then !!!.
Can't wait to be there !

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