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BakerEats: Alien Fresh Jerky

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 29th August 2011 4:22pm
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If "getting there is half the fun," I must not be doing it right.

Getting there in my case is a 271 mile drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, a roadway littered on either side with drive thru's, 50's diners, ghost towns, gas stations doubling down as Ron Paul's campaign HQ, outlet malls and one of the most awesomest jerky shops this side of our or any universe.

Baker Alien Fresh Jerky Prk

Alien Fresh Jerky is a quaint, bizarre, roadside store in Baker, California which sells dozens of different flavors of jerky, tons of candies and a fine array of outer space inspired tchotchke. In addition to their massive array of fresh flavored dehydrated meats and candies, Alien Fresh Jerky is also home to two large fridge cases containing an astounding selection of soft drinks... flavored sodas, artisanal root beers and cream sodas plus the favorite of juggalos everywhere: Faygo. Real soda connoisseurs should be sure to check BOTH sides of the store as there are some selections not found in the other.

So how is the jerky? Well.. its good, damn good. I stopped in there the other day and picked out three different flavors for the low price of $20. They offer free samples of most of their selections on a counter just out of reach of snot fingering children (props). This germophobe won't go near the thing, but you can.

Baker Alien Fresh Jerky Turkey

Turkey Jerky: It tastes like turkey, strangely enough, but with the onset of smoky sweetness and a hint of peppers, garlic and onion with a nice teriyaki finish. Flavorful and incredibly subtle.

Baker Alien Fresh Jerky Whisky

Whisky (beef): The whisky jerky can be quite sticky right out of the bag. The flavor comes on furiously at first - like an incredibly sweet BBQ sauce with lingering pepper, molasses and bourbon flavored finish. Tasty, but a little too sweet and not enough whisky for me.

Baker Alien Fresh Jerky Sweet Spicy

Sweet & Spicy (beef): The Sweet & Spicy builds off of the Turkey Jerky's teriyaki flavoring but folds in some cayenne heat, garlic, onion and brown sugar sweetness to balance off the spice. This was by far my favorite of the bunch.

I'm eager to go back to Alien Fresh Jerky to have my tastebuds abducted once again.

Baker Alien Fresh Jerky Prk

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Comments & Discussion:

I stopped there on the way from Vegas to San Diego. It is worth the stop and I believe they also had the biggest collection of hot sauces I have ever seen. It's worth the stop just to read some of the hot sauce names!

I've stopped here on a couple trips and was pretty happy with most of what I've tried. I was disappointed with one of the flavors, forget what it's called but it was seemingly honey-infused. Makes for a sticky steering wheel, additionally.

We have stopped there a few times and will again in a month! I did not care for the turkey but the whiskey and the buffalo jerky were great. We also grab a bag of pistachios and a cool soda as well. It's fun to take pix of all the aliens on the outside of the building too!

I am going to fly to LA at some point, just so I can make that drive.

I stopped in Baker a few years ago and had no idea this place existed. I did see the world's tallest thermometer, though. Priorities!

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