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Imperial Palace Penthouse Review By DJDarkMark

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 29th August 2011 3:01pm
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VT reader DJDarkMark, DEFCON house DJ and Imperial Pimp, brought back some photos and a review of the Imperial Palace's two story penthouse suites. Who knew they even had these? Anyways, feast your eyes on the cream of IP's crap. Take it away DJDarkMark:

Ip Penthouse Hallway

I want to start off by saying have been a huge fan of the site for a 2 years now, and I visit Vegas about once a month. I am a Platinum Total Rewards card holder for 3 years, and never quite hit Diamond although this year it seems my luck will get me to the infamous Diamond Lounge! I am no high roller, I am a sucker for video slot machines and bar top VP. It has been good to me over the few years to keep me coming back to Caesars Entertainment properties. I almost exclusively stay at Imperial Palace as I love the balcony, and the casino floor to me is a blast. Also it helps to always have a smile on my face and get to know people. The infamous "deluxe luv tub" have always been comped to me but recently have been getting King suites, and sometimes the Penthouse rooms.

Ip Penthouse Ph7

I have stayed in 4 different Penthouses at IP so far and after my DEFCON trip that I DJ for, my roommate and myself each got to stay in PH6 and PH7. I am glad to be able to show you all how you live the high life at my favorite hotel :-) Almost every penthouse suite at IP is different - 24 1 bedroom and 12 2-bedroom configurations. They have one Hospitality room that I have yet to see but will be getting a tour of that on my next trip.

Ip Penthouse Entry

Walking in, immediately got my attention that it was a 2-level suite. the bottom floor is almost like a square with the wet bar in the middle.

Ip Penthouse Can

On the left you have the first floor bathroom with the icky shat phone. Just a basic 1/2 bath. The A/C works really well downstairs as there are about 5 vents all coming from the center area of the stairs/wetbar. A good size closet is also next to the lower level bathroom

Ip Penthouse Bar

The wet bar is awesome in all of the PH rooms I have been in. 4-5 chairs in them, very pleasing to look at, and a mini fridge (unstocked). There are no ice machines on the PH floor, so you must call to have them bring you some big buckets of ice by a person in a nice suit :-) these rooms are perfect to have a group of people, set up a stereo and have a 24 hour bender!

Ip Penthouse View Mirage

The balcony on this one was the smallest I have been in out of the 5 so far I have stayed in. the best IMO are the ones that face the strip, you can't hear much from the Carnival Court, but the views are amazing (the 2 pics are from PH 14 on a different trip) in this one its nice you can see down to Venetian, T.I., Trump, and obviously Harrah's. I don't smoke but its great when there are smokers and in the winter I always keep the sliding glass doors open.

Ip Penthouse Balconysign Ip Penthouse Couch

The living room is a decent size, a mid size couch with 2 single chairs. The flat screen is nice to have in the corner of the living room. someone can easily sleep on the couch as it is quite comfy.

The opposite corner of the couch is the dining table. This is the first in all the rooms I have been in that have a 4 chair table like this. Its right under the staircase and is nice to grab some panda express and bring it back to the room and have the dinner table.

Ip Penthouse Stairs Up Ip Penthouse View Queens

The stairs lead up the bedroom with some random paintings around the walls and I was surprised to see 2 double beds. Not even queens definitely a big let down as I am no small person and had the room to myself. The standard night stand in the middle and a trash can next to the bed on the left.

Ip Penthouse View East

This window is from the 2nd floor (the hotel is 19 floors, so this is technically the 20th floor) and has a nice little view, and the window opens up completely so its great to pull up a chair, have your feet hanging out and relaxing with a drink.

I was very disappointed with the A/C circulation upstairs. It was great downstairs, but in the bedroom only one larger vent is there. The bathroom has 2 vents, that I closed both to get the bedroom colder, but still it was warm as hell. It won't be much of a problem during the winter obviously as I would never touch the heat, drinking takes care of that fine.

Ip Penthouse Sinks Ip Penthouse Luv Tub

The bathroom is also amazing. the size of the standard rooms, it has a separate door for the crapper, also with a phone, and a dual sink area that is about 15 feet long. There is a ton of closet space with mirrors for the full body image, and in the way back corner there is also more closet space, or more area to get a air mattress and throw it down for your buddies.

These rooms are a blast, and lucky to score these rooms most of the time when I head out there.

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Comments & Discussion:

Here I was hoping it was going to look like Alotta Fagina's penthouse suite.

Interesting stuff. I'd rather forego one of the TVs if it meant nixing the 70s motel comforters though.

Damn that is one rough looking room!! I can't believe people actually stay in these. The You can get a better room for less than a one legged hooker nowadays. I guess some folks still like to kick it really old school. I do appreciate these reviews just to know I'm not missing out on anything. It's sad to see what could be a very cool themed hotel provide such poor luxury for it's higher tier players.

Yes, but how easy is it to rape things over the balcony?

The woodwork, mirror and shelves of that back bar is classic.Original or 80's remodel? The person taking the pictures looks a little hungover.

Yea..two doubles with Grandma's House, circa 1985, linens does seem a bit odd...

Well its nice I never have to pay for the rooms, and center strip, with a party room, Thats living! hahah yes I spent most of the trip hungover but I hope to get to check out the hospitality suite next there :-P

Nice review, although I have to say I'm shocked even for the IP at the fact that there are 2 double beds in their, bizarre.

I can see the appeal of staying there, very similar to when I first hit Las Vegas and there was a lot more competition at that point playing where you stayed meant something a bit different and it seems like the staff is doing right by you for that apot.

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