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Police Blotter: Bellagio Robbed By Modern Minimalist Bandit

By Misnomer on Monday, 29th August 2011 2:35pm
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For the second time in a year, Bellagio has been robbed, this time by a bandit police are describing as, rather dull.

Police are searching for a man who walked into Bellagio's high-limit casino this morning and made off with nearly a million dollars worth of casino tokens, in a robbery similar to a December heist committed by Anthony Carleo, who has confessed. However authorities are cautious to note that while the crimes may be similar, the perpetrators could not be more different.

In stark contrast to Carleo, who strode into the Bellagio wearing a full body suit made from rich, Italian leather, the perpetrator of today's robbery was described by police as wearing a "vaguely botanical" print shirt, over drab, olive-colored slacks.

Sgt. Dan Patterson of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department noted other dissimilarities. "In the December robbery, Anthony Carleo brandished a 9mm Beretta pistol, which is a fine - dare I say sexy - Italian-made firearm. What we're hearing from witnesses we've interviewed is that the suspect in today's robbery was waving around something that looked like a hunk of stainless steel, or maybe brushed aluminum. Could've been a gun, could've been a drawer pull, we're just not sure at this point in the investigation."

One witness was Ken Jennings, a frequent Bellagio player, who was present for both the Carleo robbery and this morning's crime. "With Anthony Carleo, there was a certain European charm and elegance to him. A refinement, like a good Italian wine, almost. Something about him spoke to me. I mean, he literally spoke to me - told me he'd blow my head off if I moved - but I appreciated that, you know? This guy today, I just didn't feel anything."

A Bellagio employee, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, agreed. "I'm not condoning either of these robberies, let's get that straight. But Carleo's robbery kind of fit with Bellagio, you know? This guy today, he was just out of place. He stood out. Like when you walk into a small room and somebody's put a huge piece of furniture in there that just doesn't belong - it just feels wrong, you know? That's how this guy was, just all wrong for Bellagio."

Unlike Carleo, who made his escape on a Ducati sport-bike similar to those used in the annual Lake Cuomo Motorcycle Grand Prix, today's suspect was seen departing in a purplish Pontiac Grand Prix. Anyone with information is urged to call the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department with details about the robbery, and Wynn Las Vegas for room reservations.

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a purplish Grand Prix?


Having just returned from Italy I must correct you that the lake is named Como, not Cuomo.

Ken Jennings from Jeopardy?

Well, since it worked out so well for Anthony Carleo, I can see how someone would want to repeat it. We all know how easy it is to offload those stolen cranberries and flags. They might as well be cash.

Onion-type articles help when they're funny, usually.

Let me tack an addendum onto that. I just get annoyed when seemingly authentic news articles are mixed in conspicuously among real news items. Especially when they save the satirical bits for halfway into the article. Being a comedy snob it's the same reason why I avoid most sites on April 1st when everyone thinks they're a comedian suddenly.

It's a pet peeve..so Richard Pryor himself could write one and I'd still be annoyed. No offense to the author was meant.

Perry and Mario like it.

Unfortunately, Beretta's are made in the US these days....specifically about 30 miles from my house at the south end of my county.

I read this on my iPhone through Vegas Mate, where the headline was mixed in with legit news. I scanned the article, as I do anything else on my phone. Ugg. At least keep this kind of thing from the feed you give to Vegas Mate.

Ouch, some harsh criticisms of this one, I would have thought people would be used to checking for the Misnomer articles by now. Nice one, although a really bitching purple shouldn't be underestimated and if it was in fact included, would make the thing much cooler (not elegant, but cool)

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