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Linq, The 2008 Version

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 18th August 2011 2:37pm
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Our ever industrious internet ferret Mac77744 has uncovered some very early site plans and renderings for the Linq project from architectural firm Klai Juba, which give us a grander idea of what the Linq is actually linking to. The burnt sienna stuff is the Linq:

Surprise surprise surprise! Linq links to Harrah's gigantic back yard, which at this juncture was to include multiple convention facilities, a sports arena and potentially some hotels to service both.

Also notable is that Linq is planned to link across the strip to some new construction at Caesars Palace adjacent to the people mover rotunda, usurping a chunk of the parking lot over there too.

Both the Bill's tract and the Ballys strip side garden are both marked "future development" confirming the long standing rumors that both are headed for some degree of transformation/redevelopment in the longer term.

So I guess that I'm a little wrong in my earlier suppositions, Linq isn't a redevelopment plan of the Flamingo to Harrah's block - at least not wholly - it is a development plan targeted to attack MGM's lock hold on large event programming and Las Vegas Sands' death grip on convention targeting, but built in an almost Wynnspired way.

The plot thickens.

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Comments & Discussion:

Nice to see that even architectural firms also misspell Caesars Palace.

I stumbled across this as well, a few weeks back, but couldn't find where I saved it on my PC or remember how I found it. lol. There are also a couple very generic renderings that make the place look like a straight up strip-mall from the 1980's.

Also of note were some renderings of a very modern remodel and rebuild of the front of Caesars.. completely removing the theme. I guess this would have been an attempt to compete with CityCenter or link Caesars to linq. haha




This is definitely about redefining the strip and redirecting it. It wouldn't surprise me to eventually see the required walking of the 'strip' taking you through to the High Roller, and completely eliminating the Blvd walkway as we know it today. We've already seen that done with Harrahs. This is about truly 'capturing' the tourists on the blvd. and giving them no reason to go elsewhere.

I was glad to see that entertainment and restaurants are estimated at 70% of the spaces. That's very good news for a company that really doesn't have a ton of restaurants in it's properties that matter (outside of Caesars). It should mean a very robust area, with outdoor seatings and small music venues. Since they already have MM and the Forum shops it also means they won't be over cannibalizing those businesses either.

i like how they label Bill's Gambling Hall as future development instead of up labeling it Bill's

I kind of doubt the foot traffic will be carnival courted all the way back to the High Roller. That would blow up on them and just drive foot traffic to the other side of the strip. The carnival court is one thing, going back to the wheel would be a very long detour and wouldn't be in their best interest to make the walk between their own casinos that ridiculous when they only have one presence on the other side of the strip.

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