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Linq: High Roller is iPod Ready!

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 17th August 2011 4:04pm
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High Roller Pod Interior

Here's an interesting factoid, High Roller - the sky wheel thingy that anchors Linq - will be iPod ready, giving you and your homeslizzles the ability to listen to Slayer's Reign In Blood album in its entirety and still have time enough for Metallica's "Disposable Heroes" during one spin of the High Roller. Or you can be stuck in a pod with a juiced up crew of oontzcanoes pondering what the situation will be when all 20 of them get back to their suite at Ballys while having your head pummeled into thumpsmission. Or you'll be stuck in there with some acid freaks droning out to Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of The Moon" or the soundtrack to Escape from New York in which case, say hi, as one of those guys is probably me.

High Roller Pod Interior

Just saddle your iDevice (iPad too?) to the mechanism and you'll be floating on Air Supply in no time.

High Roller Pod Interior

Big huge thanks to Dr. Dave and Jay at Caesars for hooking us up with the renderings.

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Comments & Discussion:

Looks kinda like the Bridge of the Enterprise. I dig it.

What would actually be nice is if they support AirPlay.

Any word if you'll be able to hear your own ipod over the Caesars commercials that are likely to be blaring from the monitors shown in the pictures?

I was thinking it looks like the observation deck but same idea. Can we dare to dream that Star Trek the Experience will pop back up in the Linq? How cool would that be?

I aspire to be the man in the center of the first shot with the suit on.
Arms crossed, stiff as a board, expressionless and singing along to the songs.
"Praise hell, satan, satan, satan.."

*Praise hail satan, I mean.

From the renderings, can someone explain how 50% of the ride facing West isn't just going to be looking into the back of the Flamingo?

Apparently it will only hold white people, given that rendering.

"Disposable Heroes" FTMFW! Best Metallica song of all.

looks like a lot of people are going to be leaving their idevices in the dock when they depart the pod. i might check the wheel out just for the possible freebie electronics within. Lady luck, here I come!

@weatherman2111 that is soem funny sh**!!!
Also Metallica is awesome no matter what song.

Thanks Jam.

No, they've got a few duds. Not a lot, but some. And no, I don't think they're all on St. Anger. I actually like that one more than ReLoad.

I'm imagining one of these pods swinging wildly as a mosh pit opens up inside.

The gentleman in the suit is Leigh Keno from Antiques Roadshow. He is there to appraise that chair.

First of all Metallica rules.

Second, is that someone holding a baby? They should have Wynn rules, no kids or strollers.

And a little video poker wouldn't hurt either...

Wow, from that last render it looks like this thing is going to be smack between Wynn and Encore, over on East Tropicana somewhere as well as being located on Harmon and Koval. This thing is going to really get around!

So how long until someone books a cabin for some not so private alone time with a hooker?

It didn\'t take long for that hotel at Skydome.....

Why do the images from inside the roller remind me of the movie Running Man?

@Billyinlasvegas..yes that is a woman holding a baby in the first rendering..that's a pod I would be exiting with great haste..wonder if the porn slappers will use this as a means to hand out stuff to what will most certainly be a captive audience..and the "Madly in Anger" Tour kicked ass!

God yes, that tour was amazing. I saw the arena run and it was one of best shows I have ever seen. I wasn't even big into Metallica at the time, but it still blew me away, and had I know how lucky I was to hear Disposable Heroes live at the show I was at I probably would have totally lost my mind.

Has this become the Metallicrap fanboy board?

High Limit VP terminals.Could you resist a hand or two on a slow 30 minute loop?

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