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Linq-o-mania: More Photos And Details

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 17th August 2011 1:17pm
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The Linq press conference is in full swing and the information is starting to trickle out. First, here's one, two, three renderings of the project, all of which make the thing look like Fremont Street meets Blade Runner. Wow.

The project is scheduled to open in under two years, June 2013 and will cost approximately $550m dollars to build, all of which is fully funded and sitting in the bank.

Linq isn't a project name, it will be the name of this thing forever. Barf! The "SKY wheel" (not a ferris wheel or an observation wheel) will be called the "High Roller" and will cost $20 a pop to ride. 28 pods will cary 30 people each and take 30 minutes to do their thing... perfect for an epic gangbang during AVN.

As we reported on Monday, it has been confirmed that O'Shea's will close in mid-2012. Also shuttering is Imperial Palace's brand. Dr. Dave tweets that the IP will be "renovated, reskinned, renamed."

I'll be updating this post as more news dribbles out.

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Comments & Discussion:

I'm going ahead and predicting that the Horseshoe name will be used on the carcass of the Impotent Palace.

"...And that's when the whores come in..." -Bitter old lady on Tommy Boy

I definitely see the Horseshoe name coming back at the IP.

I'm psyched for a Horseshoe. An iconic brand that has been lying dormant in Vegas for far far far far too long. Think about the retrofuturistic iconography... if they do it right, it is going to be awesome.

LoL. Rename Imperial Palace to just IP. Then it'll look just like the one in Biloxi.

Happy to see that IP is going to be redone, hopefully it will get the full treatment and that some of the other properties will too, Flamingo casino floor comes to mind.

Aren't they using the HorseShoe brand for their regional mid level casinos? I thought the pecking order for them is Caesar's>>Harrah's>>Horseshoe.

Interesting if they go with HorseShoe that it would seemingly be more upscale than Harrah's next door.

Any thought that the reskinned IP will be a boutique d-bag club hotel? Kinda like the Drais/Bill's plan from last year?

I'm happy about this too. IP is in such a dominant location on the strip...a little face lift will bring some good traffic that way.

@Stosh If all the hotels look like douche-traps then the Hardys will spread thin. Everyone wins.

Stosh, CET isn't consistent with the pecking order. For example, in Tunica, the Harrah's is far nicer than the Horseshoe, which doesn't even have a pool. Harrah's has the golf course, the fancier and more expensive hotel rooms, etc.

So I can easily see IP becoming a Horseshoe in Vegas. I like it.

@Stosh, There's been rumors for a number of years that HET/CET was going to put the Horseshoe name on the Strip. For years, the thought was that Bally's was going to get 'Shoed, as the IP/O'shea's area was going to be torn down in order to expand the Flamingo and Harrah's into those areas.

@RockChick, The IP branding along those lines is currently used by the one in Mississippi, which is not owned by CET and was not included in the deal that say the Impotent Palace being bought by HET.

I'm guessing Barbary Bill's future is still unknown.

I'm going to answer many of these questions in a TWHT post.

Know it's summer, but isn't this news and other events worthy of a VEGAS GANG podcast???

Picture 2 reminds me of the cover from Iron Maiden's Somewhere In Time CD. Can we get a 500 foot tall Eddie instead?

I think they have entrenched the Horseshoe brand as a middle America casino name. They will likely develop a new brand for this property like Linqs Palace or Planet Linq or Missing Linq :))

@vegaspilgrim vegas gang scheduled for tomorrow!

I loved the low roller style area of this and sad to see it go, and look like another city center, boring and bringing the high class people :-P

Horseshoe in Tunica, MS does have a pool. This is located on the roof. Basically a cement square filled with water and you look into people's hotel rooms. not sceanic.
Tunica Roadhouse (another CET/HET property next door) does not have a pool.

IP name may be available. IP Biloxi sold to Boyd Gaming this summer. No word on the future name.

Horseshoe brand on the strip is appealing to me.

Call IP Gansta's Paradise and i would go inside the place. But, if IP is history where will Hash House a Go Go end up?

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