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Yeah, But It's A Seven Card Charlie! UPDATED

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 16th August 2011 2:25pm
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VT super reader McTrees retweeted a photo (below) of a blackjack game that appears to have been taken by a Cosmopolitan pit boss violating Gaming Control Board rules (see update) and posted by one of the players.

Cosmo Charlie

Still interesting. Sucks for the guy with the four greens and a soft 19.

Update: Mac44324 sniffed out that the pit boss took the pic!

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Comments & Discussion:

Is this really a violation of control board rules? I took one of a $16K double down ($8K original bet) in which I got a 20, and was beat by a dealer's magical 21, and no one said anything. They even paused the game until I was done.

@thefish2010 I reckon they wouldn't say anything to a player with a spread like that.

Know what's more shocking about this photo? The idiot with $100 down sitting at a 6:5 blackjack table.

@MikeE - After you mentioned the 6:5, I looked at the picture and you are right! I wasn't even aware that the Cosmo had these idiotic games on the floor. Getting beaten by a 7 card 21 is the least of their worries. I suppose the real question is, where does someone dumb enough to play a 6:5 game get $100 or even $25 to bet, and even manage to find their way into a casino in the middle of the desert? :).

Players moronic enough to sit their asses down at a 6:5 BJ game are killing the rest of the 3:2 games for the rest of us.

I agree. He's sitting down at a Single Deck (look at the cards; there are no duplicates (and from what I know, Cosmo doesn't do 6:5 on multi-deck)) 6:5 game. I'm tempted to say he deserves to get screwed over.

Playing conditions are getting worse and worse all around. I had to visit Reno a few weeks ago on business. At Harrahs Reno, all single deck tables except for one high limit game, its 6:5, double on 10/11 only, dealer hits soft 17, no double after split. I'm shocked that they have any players at all, but those games were quite full.

At the Palms, they insist on hitting soft 17 on their double deck game, even at the highest limits, even with the offer of a very large front money deposit if they would stand on it. This is despite the fact that all of their competitors stand on it on their high limit games.

There's a saying on wall street: pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. Hopefully the majority of blackjack players will at least get smart enough not to play these awful games and force them to either eliminate the bad rules or suffer financially for it.

I'm going to risk sounding dumb - but what's the apparent violation here?

photography of gaming tables during play is against the rules. having it done by a pitboss is even more flagrant.

The good news is that the count's positive now.

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