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Sayonara Harmon Hotel!

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 15th August 2011 4:41pm
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At the risk of sounding like a broken record (remember those kids?) MGM has FINALLY admitted that the Harmon Hotel is toast and should be destroyed.

CityCenter has decided that to abate the potential for structural collapse in case of a code level earthquake reference in your July 12 letter, CityCenter will demolish the Harmon Building. A plan of action to do so prepared by LVI Environmental Services of Nevada, Inc. (LVI) is attached. As you will see, LVI proposes to demolish the Harmon by implosion." - William Ham, Sr. Vice President CityCenter Facility Improvements
The engineered demolition plan incorporates the use of existing structure elements and infrastructure specified to remain. Such elements will be strategically used to act as structural barriers against the effects of the planned implosion. They will serve as both a structural barrier, as well as provide dust and safe zone protection to the public and surrounding infrastructure.

The LVI Team will conduct pre-implosion removal of portions of the steel podium to provide a physical separation between the existing commercial businesses and pedestrian uses at the Crystals Shopping Center.

In addition, the LVI Team will provide for the re-routing of pedestrian traffic during the implosion preparatory phases in order to protect the public during the project period. Protective screening and barriers/scaffolding will be implemented to provide both dust control and physical protection of adjacent properties and public facilities against implosion effects.

Initial schedule development includes a very aggressive 6-month goal for building preparation and implosion demolition, followed by another 4 months of debris removal, then a final month of site clean-up and restoration.

Such a shame.

Harmon Hotel tower really tied the CityCenter together, did it not? Fuckin' A. This guy peed on it. Mark your calendars kids for six months from the time they start deconstruction until date of implosion. I'm gonna guess they'll do it right before memorial day weekend just to get a shit ton of dirt onto the Cosmopolitan's terraces and pool decks right before the big holiday weekend. Speaking of Cosmopolitan... you KNOW the city view side of the East Tower is gonna be a hot ticket the day Harmon comes down.

Sayonara Harmon!

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Comments & Discussion:

So will this start a trend to implode other properties that have been hanging around?!?!?!

LVI is in charge, not CDI, which is the leader in implosions...not that this will happen anytime soon, because of the legal eagles, but the fact that CDI is NOT involved speaks volumes!!!

LVI has subcontracted CDI to do the baboom, it is in the doc I quoted above.

Indeed they are, as other "local news sources" indicated...wouldn't be a real Vegas implosion without them!!

In reference to the July 12 LETER. Umm.....can we run a spell check first? Or hire someone that knows how to spell? Thanks MGM.

I will never forget standing across the street from the Boardwalk Hotel then looking around going "Wow, there's no one on the street." and then at that exact time hearing THREE, TWO, ONE and the whole entire building across the road falling...us standing there going "Cool!!!!! A DEMOLITION!!" then the dust cloud coming AT OUR FACE and us running into the M&M place in fear of inhaling asbestos.

^^ that typo was mine, not theirs.

First thing I thought was Cosmo's balconies. I wonder how MGM is handling this? There's no way Cosmo will rent those rooms out (due to liability).

Other potential viewing spots: the third floor commons of Cosmo or Mandarin Bar. I smell a VT meet up.

So what will become of the space? Perhaps some gaming closer to the strip?

I want to be there. Room at the P-HO?

Its never a happy day when a building designed by Lord Foster gets demolished....

Ahh well, at least there's a Pelli just a bit behind :)

i have to be there for this just to see how they are going to do this without damaging the parts of Cosmo that are right there.

that has to be a record - fastest building to be completed and subsequently demolished, vegas or anywhere else. Add to the fact that it will probably kill casino business that night due to the need to cordon off X feet from demolition.

The Westward Ho had a small Gas Station and Casino that was brand new and lasted about 18 months before the property was torn down..I have a photo of it in a shot taken from the 25th floor of the Stardust..

There have been other building from time to time that have been taken down before they were finished. Sad waste though. They'll probably build some kind of large space onto Crystals for a big shop...or maybe even that new arena the town's been talking about adding.

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