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Cosmopolitan Adding High Limit Gaming Salon

By Blackjacker1979 on Monday, 15th August 2011 12:44pm
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According to the Cosmopolitan's recently filed quarterly report there are some changes afoot to the high limit gaming areas of the resort. Specifically, it looks like Cosmopolitan is about to give the high rollers what they want... a private gaming salon.

The report states that there is currently renovations underway that will transform the languishing Platinum-level-and-up-only Identity Lounge into a new High Limit Gaming Salon. The space, which has already been demolished and is under construction, will consist of 9,600 square feet of new gaming space with approximately 15 tables. Completion is expected by November.

The lounge, while a nice feature, was little used. As you might remember, VT and the Admiral interviewed John Unwin in this luxurious space, and I happened to stumble into it myself during the opening festivities. Located at the far end of the elevator lobby of the Eastside Tower on the second level, it proved to be a bit tucked away to be a success. However, with built in access to food and beverage service, it seems to have the makings of an intimate private gaming space.

Maybe those big tables aren't so far off after all?

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Comments & Discussion:

Because the existing high limit room is so busy? :)

I think this is a huge mistake and something that's not going to work. It's not like the Cosmopolitan's high limit room is that bad, is it private? No, but no worse then many other strip properties.

I just don't think 2nd level gaming works, anyone that visited the London Club or after being dropped as a name the 'high limit' room at Aladdin could easily see that there is something about being separated completely that seems to make people stay away. Over multiple 5 day trips, I can tell you that the high limit salon there had 1-2 people in there at most across different hours, the only time it seemed to have anyone is when they opened the lounge and the club and people walked out through there, but no one stayed to gamble.

If, *if*, they convert the rest of the top, empty floors of the East Tower into more lavish penthouses and hosts first introduce this new high limit room to the players before walking them to their rooms, well then Cosmo might just have a much-needed hit in the gaming department.

Mike's got it right. From the beginning, the Eastside Tower was designed to be TCOLV's true high roller accommodations. With 75 floors (minus the 40s, 13, and all other 4s) of Wraparound Terraces and the likes of the upper 5 floors of Penthouses, this could be their answer to the Sky Casino, only not quite as removed from the action and literally a step off the elevator a la ETS.

And as for the full high limit room, the problem I've seen twice while enjoying the bar is that the whales playing on the midi tables who want to eat need to have Butler service drag the coffee tables of the lounge together to have a meal. With the space on 2, there's a direct access to the kitchen areas behind Holstein's and Va Bene. That also means intimate diners and less looky loo. A lot of people will love it because it's not "high limit on display" gaming.

blackjack, but let's be honest the issues you mention on the dining in the high limit area isn't really about location, but more about how TCOLV's gone about handling the current room and dining.

I understand the preference of not having a lot of looky loo's but given it's not hard to find high limit areas with no traffic and very little play, I do wonder sometimes if that's an assumption that's not as important as many think.

I do think they will need to improve their offerings for their high limit players from a room perspective. It will definitely be interesting to see if it works.

Looks like they are going for ULTRA high limit folks, who might be okay with such a removed room. Meanwhile, they will still not get the more run of the mill high limit players. Getting off the main floor is nice, but to almost leave the building to play is foolish.

And the reason that lounge did poorly was limited hours, lack of comfortable chairs, and in my three visits, poor service... well... they screwed that up and now made it worse by moving to a guest room somewhere.

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