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Las Vegas News Brief's for Aug 12

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 12th August 2011 1:40pm
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Las Vegas News Brief's

Nevada Legislature Considers Mandatory Helmet Law for Motorcyclists, deadmau5

The Nevada legislature is considering a bill that would require motorcycle operators, as well as prominent electronic music DJ deadmau5, to wear a helmet.

One of the bill's sponsors, Representative Russell Schumaker (D), Henderson, claims the provision would increase public safety, as well as aid in the enjoyment of deadmau5 performances. "Studies have shown that a motorcycle rider is 83% more likely survive a crash if he is wearing a helmet. We also know that helmets greatly reduce the risk of traumatic brain injury. And that giant, glow-in-the-dark mouse head is just the coolest goddamn thing I've ever seen!"

For the bill's co-sponsor, Representative Mary Richmond (R), Primm, the matter is personal. "We lost my brother-in-law to a motorcycle accident. Also, I saw deadmau5 at XS this summer, and it was awesome - right up to the point where he took the mouse helmet off. And then we were all like, 'What the hell, it's just some skinny dork? This is stupid.' So yes, I am very much in favor of a law that will keep helmets on the heads of our motorcyclists, as well as on the head of Mr. Joel Zimmerman."

Rep. Paul Parissi, who chairs the state's panel on dubstep, was tripping balls, and could not be reached for comment.

Cosmopolitan Truck Mistakenly Parks at Unhip Location

A vintage delivery truck used as a literal promotional vehicle by the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas was spotted parked at a decidedly unhip location today, in a break from its standard practice.

The truck, which ferries a team of Cosmopolitan employees to various locations for the purpose of plying locals with promotional offers, is typically found parked at organic farmer's markets, indie record stores, and used book shops. However today, the truck was spotted parked outside of Baby Gap, a remarkably unhip retailer of mass-market clothing for infants and toddlers.

The truck's operator - a young man who identified himself only as, "Milo" - explained that the promotion team had intended to take the truck to a vintage clothing store, but that after typing "denim" into the truck's GPS, they were instead given directions to Baby Gap.

"This sucks," offered Milo. "I brought along some used jeans to sell back too, you know, to help the polar bears."

Milo said he intended to soothe his disappointment later in the evening by drinking several Pabst Blue Ribbon beers while watching the movie, "Rushmore" on the Cosmopolitan's marquee.

The Cosmopolitan truck is scheduled to appear at a hiking supply store tomorrow, between 1:00 and 3:00.

Aria Marquee Content Revealed

As first reported by a local blogger, Aria, the hotel and casino resort at CityCenter, plans to build a Strip-side marquee, ostensibly to showcase the resort's offerings.

However, details are emerging that evidence a dearth of quality subject matter. An Aria employee, speaking on the condition of anonymity, revealed that the marquee may feature content not native to Aria. "I'm sure we'll have a meeting and come up with some Aria stuff to put on it," said the employee. "But we can't really just cycle back and forth between Julian Serrano and, uh, I don't know, maybe the Sky Suites."

The source agreed with a reporter's suggestion that the attractions of other MGM properties could be featured. "Yeah, that, and probably the weather and traffic updates, but I'm guessing there," said the employee, adding, "Maybe we could show movies on it. I don't think anyone's done that yet."

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Poor Milo. And poor, poor Aria!

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