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Peekaboo: Hyde Lounge at Bellagio Floor Plan

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 12th August 2011 1:46pm
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An anonymous tipster pointed us to a hand drawn floorplan of the forthcoming Hyde Lounge at Bellagio. For the sake of neatness and my inability to remember anything unless I write it down, I've attempted to copy these mustard stained napkin scribbles to Adobe Illustrator.

Hyde Lounge Bellagio Floorplan

The formula is certainly post-XS, but instead of the grand reveal being Encore's pool panorama, it is the iconic fountains on Lake Bellagio. The space features tons of reservable booth seating set atop platforms raised at differing heights, all of which focus on the dance floor and the water show beyond the completely reconstructed patio.

It also appears that there might be a casino facing bar right at the front as well. Maybe. If there isn't, there should be, as losing a bar you can easily belly up to is a crime punishable by at least one blog post.

Anyways... there it is Hyde Lounge at Bellagio, opening on December 31, 2011... if they finish construction in time.

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Comments & Discussion:

Fontana was perhaps my fave belly-up in all of Las Vegas.

As for this abomination, a little birdie told me there were going to be some nice trees out on the patio.

Total meh. Revolutionary space turned into a lame bar. I'd like to bitchslap some designers.

i now know how the crying indian felt.

^ leathery?

So, it went from a walk in/walk out bar that even I could go into if inclined, to a coat check and bottle service joint?

I guess you'll find me awkwardly studying the drink menu elsewhere.

Eh, I'll be across the street at Mon Ami Gabi. Or even Sugar Factory for that matter.

Another douchebag club, who cares?

I don't' have a clue why someone wanted to replace the Fontana Bar at the Bellagio. It's was one of my favorte spots..and was doing good business.

Chuck, there will be a bar where the old Fontana entrance was, but it wont be open out onto the casino. The wall between Hyde and the casino is just a series of square wood panels, with HYDE in big steel letters near the entrance. I don't think there are any windows or anything, but there should be.

Hunter, I am curious about the trees out on the patio. Must not be too big since the are installing a metal trellis above the patio.

"opening on December 31, 2011... if they finish construction in time."

Also assuming Sam the Sham hasn't declared it 'financially unviable' and shuttered it by then.

Some other stats: 10,000 square feet / 715 max occupancy.

re: trees - I have no word on size but there's not a lot of space out there so you're probably right.

I've seen the front exterior elevations and I am just not impressed. Better than tangerine but not great. Oh well, as long as they make money. :/

Looks like a good place to hold poker tournaments.

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