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Cirque Du Soleil De-Elvising ARIA's Viva Elvis

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 10th August 2011 1:16pm
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Here's a hoot and a half.... the great and powerful NORM! has learned that Cirque du Soleil has decided to shutter and revamp Viva Elvis at ARIA, replacing the Elvis plot line with acrobatic acts incorporated from a Japanese show entitled Zed which wasn't able to survive economic stresses caused by the recent earthquakes in Japan.

As we have noted in the past, Viva Elvis has been tumbling along the rocky bottom since it opened, rarely selling 50% of the available tickets since it opened. The lack of interest in Viva Elvis has caused MGM execs to lean on Cirque to retool the show that a year ago closed down their mezzanine seating due to lack of demand.

This is the second show in a row which Cirque has had to yank the reigns on and completely re-imagine after the ticket buying public simply didn't buy tickets. Criss Angel's BeLIEve emerged from extended retooling - extensively de-Cirque'd - via a press relaunch a few months ago.

Possible names for the new show include: VE, Ivá, Legend of Zeldvis, Viva Evils, Viva ZED Lives!, Murrenschanz...

Next stop on the Cirque du Soleil high speed death train: the vulture picked, rhinoplasticene body of the other King - Michael Jackson.

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Comments & Discussion:

Zed's dead baby, Zed's dead. Love the new name suggestions, but reading them made me think that perhaps we'd see a Cirque de Legend of Zelda show.

The MJ show will probably have all of the kinks worked out while the show is touring.

It's telling that Cirque can't make an Elvis show work, yet Love is still going strong. While Elvis and Vegas would seem like an ideal pair, his music doesn't tell the kind of tales The Beatles' music does. Maybe Cirque ought to consider a Led Zeppelin themed show (could you imagine what they could do with Stairway.....).

Oh man, a Zeppelin Cirque would be awesome! I'm just picturing something amazingly dirty that can be done with "Whole Lotta Love"!!

I think that a Beach Boys show would be nice. Start with the celebration of the sun, surf, etc. and end with some sort of pot infused themes taken from the songs off of Holland (and leave out the Home Improvement era, as well). Or something.

The only reason Love is a success is that the Beatles music already had so much imagery (i.e LSD tripping references) that it was a good fit for Cirque. Elvis music not so much.

I don't think it's a coincidence that in the lead up to both LOVE and Elvis, many people were pro-LOVE and anti-Elvis (as a show).

CDS have lost their mojo when it comes to building new shit. The MJ show will not live up to people's (admittedly very high) expectations and the re-imagined VE will middle along but never be a big hit.

Every attempt CDS has made at looking outside their wheelhouse has been greeted by a collective WTF by audiences.

I think if it weren't for the rapid rise of nightclubs, we would have already seen someone else come into town to challenge CDS' prominence... of course, their contract with one of two near-monopoly players doesn't hurt them, even if that relationship is fractured (also, see Light Group).

Where's the wow factor?

The first time you saw 'Mystere', you probably said 'holy shit, how the fuck do those guys do that'?

When you saw 'O', you freaked out when a dude high-dived into the stage and then two seconds later, someone ran across it. Fuck me.

I fell asleep in Ka but people tell me the stage is pretty gnarly.

Elvis - people on trampolines in KFC hats. Really?

I think jinx73 is onto something. A Cirque - Fiction du Pulp show. A bunch of acrobats in a basement with a bad ass gangster and his scheming pugilist, a couple of hillbilly rapists (no relation), and a gimp. Now THAT is a Vegas worthy show.

Zed and the Furious Fighting Five.....ZED LIVES!...World War Zed....

I'm almost curious to see what Cirque could do with a band like Green Day, but I don't think have the mass consciousness to be suitable.

Perhaps....I really wanna say The Rolling Stones...U2 isn't image-heavy enough in what they do...Springsteen is the wrong kind of story...Billy Joel perhaps?

Billy Joel? You may be onto something. Considering how "Jersey Boys" has been doing over at the Venetian, perhaps someone should consider bringing "Movin' Out" to Vegas.

they need to abandon the "[music band] as Cirque" show idea. It worked with the Beatles, leave it at that. Any more and people will just start saying "why should i see Cirque [insert band here] when i can just see Love, where i know they got it right?"

or maybe ...gasp...there are just too many Cirque shows to begin with?

If they could keep Billy sober, I'd say that they'd be better off with a straight Billy Joel show rather then Movin Out, but I've always thought Movin out would be a nice fit on the strip.

I wonder how long we have until MRI realizes that Cirque is just not 'doing' it for them anymore.

How about "Zod! - The Superman Villain Spectacular"? Crystals already looks like the Fortress of Solitude.

Check out them sexy Ursa Dancers! Me-ow!

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