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Bellagio Charging More For Less?

By MikeE on Tuesday, 9th August 2011 4:30pm
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Are you one of the select few who absolutely loves the new rooms at Bellagio? Are you just dying to get into one of them despite the fact that there are very few available at the moment? Well guess what? Now for only $30 more per night, you too can be surrounded by - as reader Drake put it - leftover Tropicana wallpaper!

But seriously, if you do decide to splurge, it might be better to request one of the more tolerable color schemes than what we've linked in the previous paragraph. Better yet, I'll bet your chances of requesting and receiving one of the infinitely better standard rooms on the somewhat recently-renovated penthouse floors is doable for the extra $30.

Of course, once all renovations are done, there won't be an additional cost for the upgrade, but do these current prices reflect what Bellagio hopes to get in the not-too-distant future? If so, they're dreaming.

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While I can understand your point that $30 more per night is probably out of reach for Bellagio, I do wonder if it's the resort that for the average 'booking' tourist means more about the name then the room itself.

normally i would say that a rate raise would be a sign of a possible improving economy and a higher occupancy rate leading to a higher room rate, but i doubt that's the case.

@Mike_E – you indicated that they have standard rooms on the penthouse floors (top 6 floors right?). I spoke to a reservation agent at Bellagio over the phone a few months ago inquiring about that very same thing. She told me flat out, they only have Penthouses and Bellagio Suites on those floors….no standard rooms. Did she lie through her teeth to me? If they do in fact have some standard rooms up there, I’m guessing there aren’t many and they probably try to bundle them up as a connecting room to a Penthouse, and if any are open they’ll release them day of. I wonder if I could ever reserve one up there on a standalone basis?....my guess is no.

MFP01, yeah, she pretty much lied to you :-)

The rooms I speak of all connect to a penthouse, so yes, they are limited in supply. A day-of request is your best bet.

I was going to joke that they'd probably charge $35 to guarantee a color scheme, just as some of the MGM properties are charging to guarantee non-smoking/2 beds/etc.

Didn't Wynn do the same during its renovations by classifying the renovated rooms as deluxe and charging a premium?

Yeah, those rooms are the 'extra bedrooms / servants quarters' for those suites ; rented separately as available.

Cream, you're absolutely right, but at least Wynn's were a unanimous improvement over the previous offerings.

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