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Bellagio Debuts Resort Deluxe Queen

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 9th August 2011 1:04pm
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Bellagio has debuted another of its hotel room designs - the Resort Deluxe Queen - on its website.

Bellagio Deluxe Resort Queen

This, very autumnal design uses the same hard goods we've seen in the other room design iterations but with the earthy hued wallpaper and carpeting. At first glance, the palette is infinitely more pleasing than the florgasm and souvlaki palace designs we've previously discussed.

This iteration is most certainly a step closer in the right direction but still doesn't snuggle up to our ears whisper luxury the way a room at Bellagio should.

Thanks to Mac868686 for the tip!

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Comments & Discussion:

Those headboards still reek of cheap.

"Resort King rooms configured in one of two color schemes - Indigo & Silver and Plum & Green Tea".
How elegant. I'd like Plum & Green Tea, please.

This is actually quite nice.

Is it too much to ask for the designers to look at some room photos from hotels in Lake Como, Italy. I almost think they are under instructions not to follow a "Bellagio" theme.

The wallpaper reminds me of the photo mural I had on my bedroom wall in grade school. It covered the entirety of my bedroom wall with eternal "Fall in the Forest". My mom ordered it from the Sears catalog, and I was incredibly pissed when I discovered that I COULD have had a mural of the surface of the moon, looking back through space at the earth.

The freakin' moon! But nooooo, I was in forever in Vermont, tapping maples for syrup.

I kind of hate this Bellagio room.

That's not...bad... I don't care for the headboards though...

...are you kidding me? This room is fucking awesome compared to those others, and honestly I think looks better than a lot of the inventory currently on the strip. Not bad, not bad at all. now if they would only do something about those hallways.. Whoa.

The carpet is an improvement, but that wallpaper says 1975 to me. They're really failing with a lot of their wallpapers.

It is a step up from the other designs, and at any other hotel this might be considered excellent. But the fact is that it doesn't have the signature Bellagio elegance that should be executed.

It actually makes me angry that the MGM design team can't grasp the idea of luxury. It's like they feel they're gonna be fired if they suggest anything beyond Murren's passion for Modern Bland™.

Pretty sure that's not wallpaper, they just fed Taco Bell to some chimps.

"This is actually quite nice."

This picture looks like a before remodel picture.Nothing luxurious about it unless there is a super high thread count on those nursing home bedspreads.

Compared to the actual rooms, that picture makes me think the room is small. I'm not sure if it's the deluxe queen design or what, but the space between what was the armoire and the bed bench seems rather cramped, compared to what I'm used to at Bellagio.

I think its pretty nice, honestly.

The warm colors are still there, and its definitely nicer than the other rooms.

Although yes, I have to admit it doesn't really strike me as "Bellagio."

If they wanted to do an Italian Modern look, the Palazzo did it better (style-wise, even if not quality-wise).

I like modern styling, but they should've made it more "a modern twist on Bellagio" rather than "might as well be a completely new resort."

I should also say that in spite of all MGM's missteps with these new designs, the bathrooms are still well-done and honestly I love the new closet/entertainment center/mini-bar combo. Fantastic improvement over the old amoires.

Call me crazy, but I actually like the first iteration of the renovations the most. This one seriously reminds me of my Grandmother's home in Phoenix, AZ circa 1987. Especially the green benches.

Did a room comparison between a Wynn resort room and a Bellagio queen and I have to say, Bellagio looks soo much better (the queen anyways). Only things I'm worried about is the ugly headboards and no classic Bellagio- styled furniture. The only thing keeping me at Wynn right now is the bigger room size and the floor to ceiling , wall to wall windows.

Huge improvement for the Bellagio and hopefully this will bump it's class back up on par with Wynncore.


Looks ok now, but this is not the kind of decor that is going to age well.

Not enough chairs or stools. Should have at least 10 wedged in there.

Mr Murren, have you guy's lost your minds? Bellagio is supposed to be elegent and classy, leave it alone. Update is fine, but don't make Bellagio look like Circus Circus. They really screwed up Mirage
don't screw up Bellagio. I won't stay there anymore with those rediculus room colors. Thank God for Wynn's
Somebody send Murren these comments that people are leaving.

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