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Why There May Yet Be Hope For the Linq

By JohnH on Wednesday, 3rd August 2011 6:17pm
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No, you didn't read that headline incorrectly. I say this tentatively, but there may be hope that Caesar's Project Linq could be a something worth seeing. No, it's not because of the Ferris wheel, the possibility of a string of tattoo parlors next to O'Shea's, or a recording studio that isn't at the Palms. No, the reason we should all keep just a sliver of hope for this project, one that elicited groans from the proverbial peanut gallery upon its initial announcement, is the name of one man: Rick Caruso.

Caruso Affiliated Linq Las Vegas

Hidden in the lower right hand corner of a rendering of the project is the familiar logo of Caruso's development company, Caruso Affiliated. And the mere presence of that logo just might suggest that the developer of Los Angeles' The Grove at Farmers Market is involved in this entirely analogous Las Vegas-based streetmosphere retail concept.

If you don't live in Los Angeles and have yet to experience The Grove or its Glendale-based sister property, The Americana at Brand, this news is kind of colossal. See, unlike most of Caesars Entertainment's recent development projects *cough* Sugar Factory *cough*, The Grove doesn't suck. The Grove is elegant. The Grove has stores, restaurants, a WET-designed fountain display that Caruso clearly plagiarized from Bellagio and entertainment offerings worth visiting. In fact, I'd be willing to go so far as to say that The Grove and Rick Caruso, himself, possess a collective design and business philosophy that would make Steve Wynn just a little bit jealous. And if that man and his company really with involved with bringing their collective shopping avenue talents to the Strip, then my excitement for Project Linq just increased expo-fucking-nentially.

With Caruso involved, this place might actually be worth visiting. "Might" being the operative word here, though.

Thanks to VT uber-friend middleclassbuzz for the rendering link.

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Comments & Discussion:

Elkus Manfredi did the architectural work for Americana at Brand as well.

Compared the the Grove, the Americana is a colossal failure with I think less than 50% occupancy of the upper floors of living spaces. Its a nice space, but it doesn't recapture the magic of the original quite as well. Here's hoping Caruso can figure out how to transform a back alley as opposed to having a whole city block to work in.

the shops at americana are limited too. the grove hits most of the right spots and has the farmers market adjacent (patsy's pizza)

Not being a Californian, I have no experience with the Grove or the Americana at Brand, but can I ask, for those projects due to the design or the retailer/entertainment choices available? At the end of the day is there really any other retailers/entertainment that CET can put in a strip mall that would matter? I just can't see it, even with a stellar design company.

I wish I could share your small bit of optimism, but I'm expecting Hawaiian Marketplace 2.0 with a Ferris Wheel, and although it may be designed well, I'm still expecting CET to fail in filling it with anything exciting. Bring on the green screen with motorcycle.

The name just turns me off. Who was the pinhead who came up with it?

I’m hoping that the project turns out to be beautiful and done just right, but I can’t help but point out that the weather might be an issue no matter how good a job they do. How many months out of the year in Las Vegas will the weather be conducive to outdoor shopping/dining/entertainment…the Las Vegas summers are too hot and the winters are too cold.

Im glade that this is happening more jobs for las Vegas I'm happy going happen I jest not ready for a project that mite stop

What caught my eye was the new "skins" for O'Sheas and IP. I don't know how accurate the artist sketches are, but O'Sheas looks like an entirely new property (sadly dethemed). Also, IP gets a large rooftop deck.

Well the Grove may be popular but really it's just another soulless, Disneyfied shopping/dining area full of the same chain stores and chain restaurants that are in the eleventy billion other incarnations of the idea. I don't see why Caruso's involvement makes this so special. Sounds like no matter who is involved, it will end up looking like some unoriginal amalgamation of Grove/City Walk/Downtown Disney, etc.

Speaking of skins, I hope a strip club is in the works, a la Glitter Gulch on Fremont. That would spice up the promenade adequately.

I don't know. Put me in the group that would rather see CET use the money for improvements at their existing properties... *cough* Paris balloon *cough*

Given what has happened in the last 72 hours, where is the money for this going to come from? Is anybody in a mood to start lending money for this? Does Ceasers have it on hand?

I live in Socal and have honestly never been to The Grove, but I've been to other "lifestyle centers" and they're all pretty much the same... just different options. It seems that you can basically create a strip mall, add some little plazas with a couple of fountains maybe throw in a lake or two for good measure and you have the forementioned lifestyle center... I am optimistic for Linq and the IP/O'Shea reskinning ONLY if it ends up looking exactly like all these new renders.

I am still wondering about the walkup Rockhouse bar at IP. That's the only redeeming thing currently there and it would suck if it goes away.

I agree about the Grove not being that impressive. For starters, nothing in LA is impressive or nice to be at (Can't smoke anywhere, parking is always a bitch, everything is overpriced, everything closes too early, etc) and with parking, the Grove is horrible. You really don't get enough time to shop around unless you get validated at the theater which used to be easy (I haven't been in years).

The Grove itself, as a place, is by far nice. But is it nice because it really is nice or is it nice because all of Los Angeles is nothing more than a sprawling shithole? Personally, I can barely tell the difference between any city in Mexico and LA. The Grove is a small little area in LA that is clean and fresh, so it could just be that because it's surrounded by a ghetto it appears nicer.

As someone else stated as well: Who the hell even goes there?!? They have the same crap stores that can be found anywhere else in this country and the same shitty restaurants. The only thing that sets the Grove apart from any other shopping area is the farmers market but I again ask: Who the hell shops there?!? That little shit shack market is so grossly overpriced. Better off visiting a real farmers market that meets once a week in your neighborhood than that faux market.

That all said: I'm happy to see this project take off in either case. Vegas always has something new, even for me who goes once a month. I always find new things. Something as huge as this will be a really big new thing and that of course is always welcomed.

Looking at the finished site plan, as well as the demolition plan for O'Sheas, (and the rendsers) it looks like O'Sheas will just be absorbed into Imperial Palace. On the site plan published online, O'Sheas isn't even named, but Imperial Palace is labled right in the center of both properties. The southern part of Carnival court will be demolished and the main IP valet/taxi area will be relocated here. I just wish they would get rid of that thing all together.

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