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More Unsatisfied Cosmopolitan Guests Unleash Facebook Dickpunches

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 3rd August 2011 4:04pm
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Looks like a coupla more unsatisfied Cosmopolitan hotel guests have taken to the Facebook for a little dickpunching gang bang pile on.


...issues occured from the moment we "attempted" to check in and it was never ending until we officially checked out."
there's what appears to be a foodfight residue on the walls and ceiling... something brown and sticky and runny... funky and nasty."
Cosmo Unsatisfied Guests

I'm surprised about the response to the second post... "let us know if you don't hear back from housekeeping today." It should be "we are in contact with housekeeping about your issue, they will be there to clean it in the next 30 minutes" NOT giving the mess an opportunity to sit in this guys $650/night wraparound terrace suite for a whole night. This is exactly my point about Cosmopolitan... service failure like this peg it as a 3.5-4 star hotel at best, not the 5 star pricing with 20% terrace tax added on.

It is also mightly clever of them to set up a CosmopolitanLV@Gmail.com address to dump all their crank mail into. Perhaps someone can help them find some hot & horny singles in their area too?

Thanks to Mac54435 for the tip.

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Love how social media can empower consumers. And, on the flip side, how social media can expose businesses to public complaints. No longer does someone have to hope a letter or phone call will get an appropriate response. Or force someone to walk with a picket sign: "Don't buy a lemon at Acme Cars."
A truly disgruntled customer can become a major negative, a threat that businesses need to quickly get in tune with. The complaints above are an example of angry customers who need to be quickly made happy -- and I agree that 24 hours is not nearly fast enough to promise a clean up of food residue on the wall.

I think I've come to the conclusion I'm just staying with my original plans for the next Vegas trip. Stay at ARIA, play at Cosmo. Terrace or not

I did look at Cosmo for my trip at the end of February, but decided that to save about $400 and booked a Studio room at HOTEL32 at Monte Carlo. I'll hang out at Cosmo, but not stay there.

The fact that they are still having issues is a huge red flag for them, as is the ever increasing room rates for the place.

The one thing that Cosmo has going for it is that they don't cover up their bad press. I've never once seen them delete a negative comment on their Facebook page. The same can't be said for most corporate entities these days.

During that whole 'they kicked out a tranny! shame! shame!' debacle they left every wackjob comment on their wall.

The people behind their social media seem to know what they're doing, maybe they should put them in charge of housekeeping too?

I'm staying at the Cosmo next week, I'm kind of hoping my room never gets cleaned so I can commiserate on here with Chuck...

"let us know if you don't hear back from housekeeping today."
I think I would have passed out from anger.


Social media 101 is to not to delete or stifle the public's comments but to address them. I hope you have a problem free stay and that Cosmopolitan is correcting their issues

Definitely agree with Chuck in the OP, and it reminds me of his reports from seven+ months ago. Instead of management jumping on an issue and making sure it gets resolved, it seems like they just fired off a memo to someone and went back to playing golf.

I've got money to spend but I'm also looking for value, and there's no way that I'm willing to risk such utterly crappy service.

The fact that (1) the problems persist, and (2) they still have customers suggests that social media isn't as effective as we'd like to think. There has to be a ton of "surely the problems are fixed by now..." thinking going on.

The lovely and talented Mrs. Spyder (a.k.a. the Fantabulas T) is staying at Cosmo in a couple weeks for a girlfriends birthday. I'll let you know all the juicy details. Remember these girls are happy with flashy lights and many cocktails, so it'll be kinda kewl to see a different side to the Cosmo story

WOW! It's Unbelievable how poor the FB response was to this guests issue. I had a much smaller issue once at Monte Carlo and posted something on FB and within an hour a manager had called me to apologize and comped me my most expensive night. It seems to me the Cosmo has no sense of what they are up against service wise in Vegas. Competition is fierce among properties and anything less than stellar service even at lower tier properties is causing guests to jump ship. There should not bee such a large disconnect between the floor and guest room experience. I really want to be a fan of this brand but all the negative press is keeping me from booking. Thank you VT for such in depth and candid reviews.

Maybe hiring workers based on their hipper-than-thou quotient was a mistake. I'll take competent over edgy every time.

I wonder if any of this piling on is part of another American tradition; saying nothing and waiting to check out before complaining, kind of like eating an entire ribeye before declaring it the worst you've ever eaten.

Of the posters, only John is addressing his problems before leaving. Also, we dont know if Cosmopolitan's wall response is the only communication attempted. I imagine they would have PM'd the guest for details, and the wall post is a public showing of attention to the issue.
Full disclosure...I'm biased, but will criticize where its approps. This looks to be shrieking harpies looking for a handout. If the first attempt they make is to bash on FB, what kind of response do they expect?

This is why I take all online comments with a grain of salt. The fact is, there are thousands of people coming in and out of Cosmo on a daily basis that have stellar experiences. The good experiences rarely get mentioned because a good experience is what is "supposed" to happen. Don't get me wrong, I hate mistakes as much as the next guy...and yes, they could have responded to their FB posts better. I'm just commenting to say that this most likely isn't the norm.

As a person who stayed for a 8 days a few weeks ago, I can say that we had an amazing time. Ultra friendly staff, beautiful views, excellent drinks. An all around great experience.

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