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Private Jet To Vegas. $499, No Bull.

By MikeE on Wednesday, 3rd August 2011 3:27pm
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Here's how a typical Vegas solo trip starts for me. Leave the house at 10am, park at Orange County airport at 10:15, pass security and grab a drink at the airport bar, board the 11:55am Southwest flight, and be at Encore by 1:15pm assuming no delays. That's three hours and fifteen minutes from my doorstep to porte cochere. Cost of the round trip flight? About $140.

Here's the same situation if I were to fly private. Leave the house at 10am, be on the tarmac at 10:15, on the plane by 10:20, and be at Encore by 11:30am. No TSA, no baggage limitations, less than half the time, about one-tenth the hassle, but unfortunately, 7000% (not a typo) more expensive.

Okay, so the speed and the allure of private jet travel has always intrigued me, but not quite enough to shell out three Vegas trips worth of dough in transportation costs alone. Nope. Not even if I went Dutch with a few friends.

But then I saw an ad for a new-ish charter service on the west coast called JetSuite. They're still pricey, but they undercut every other operator by far. Here's the best part, though: Vegas is one of their most popular destinations and they frequently have an empty leg flying to or from there that needs to fill up. Know what that means? Last-minute deals posted on their Facebook wall for $499 each way. And no, not per person - the entire plane! Some examples: LA to Vegas today, Van Nuys to Vegas yesterday, and Vegas to Denver last Saturday.

Suddenly, private aviation is looking a lot more attractive.

We're VegasTrippers. We take last minute trips when our work allows us. We've got offers up and down the strip. We've probably racked up enough commercial airline miles flying to our favorite city that we can fly back free when one of these deals strikes. Hell, even if you've got all your transportation squared away on a trip you've been planning for months, it's worth checking out their Facebook page just before you leave and making necessary rearrangements.

Just don't forget to book the limo to pick you up on the tarmac. It makes for a nice photo op.

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Comments & Discussion:

Whether a year from now or ten, this needs to happen. I'll put in on that.

Call me a cynic, but it's hard to imagine this not becoming yet another iteration of the "Let's book twelve people to a suite!" or "If 30 of us share the cost of the limo, we can make this prom our classiest prom ever!" line of thinking. However, that isn't to say that I wouldn't myself like to try it; I'm just saying that the possibility for douchetastic corruption exists.

@JohnH, there's an FAQ on their site in regards to how these $499 deals work, and for the most part, these deals are for flights the next day. This company is using the Embraer Phenom 100, which is a four passenger very light jet, so you really won't be able to take more than four passengers total.

Vespajet: I was really referring to the concept as a whole, but I do see your point.

No joke as I'm reading this there's an ad for private jets starting at $6,900 from LA to LV.

the Embrear Phenom? ugh. top speed is like 240kts, and does about 110kts on final approach. i'll bet you'll end up being pushed to the end of the inbound rush if you fly in on this thing because the controllers don't want to have to give up essentially 2 spots on final to allow for the compression that occurs when everyone else is coming in at 170kts.

Still though, to not have whining kids and some fat guy named Ned smooshing his way into your personal space is appealing for $500

Slight problem...how do you get home? Last minute tickets on a regular carrier cost even more then that.

John, I see what you're saying, but the red-plastic-cup, 12-to-a-suite crowd is more concerned with the 5-way split of the $90 round trip cost of gas from LA to LV. I think $499 is just enough to keep the chodes at bay.

Billy, I get the exact same ad. It's really helping sell this deal, ain't it?

Nullzero, while it sounds like you know 10x more about aviation than I do, I was told JetSuite generally flies into Henderson Executive which would alleviate the problem, no?

Weatherman, for us SoCalers, renting a car one-way is the best return option seems, but personally, I'm going to keep a nice cushion of airline miles just in case.

Nullzer, I've only been up in a Phenom 100 once and my experience probably wasn't typical.

You are right that it's not exactly quick, but If I remember correctly we did do 130ktas on a short final which, granted, would still be to slow for comfort coming into LAS but should be fine for HND which only sees general aviation.
Cruising was 340ktas at FL330 but since it took almost 30 min to get up there I doubt it'll get over 300 from SNA to HND.

All in all, for $499 I'd take it over Southwest anytime.

I just wonder if SkyLofts Maybach airport transfer also covers Henderson...

This article gets posted a month and a half before your birthday. Coincidence?

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