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First Cosmopolitan Balcony Jumper Identified

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 3rd August 2011 3:22pm
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The Clark County Coroner's office has released the name of the first person to jump to their death from one of the Cosmopolitan's hotel room balconies.

Mr. Paul Bynum of Springdale Arkansas jumped to his death from a Cosmopolitan hotel room balcony on July 25, 2011 at 4:45am.

Here's a close up photo of the balcony bars at Cosmopolitan. Nothing is going to stop someone from climbing over these if this is their wish, but there is little chance that you will accidentally fall over unless you were doing something foolish.

Cosmopolitan Balcony Bars

If you had "over 6 months but under a year" in our "How long it will be before someone jumps from the balcony at Cosmopolitan" you won the pool.

Thanks to Mac67677 for the tip, and mentioning that even he - a fervent Cosmopolitan/Vegas news watcher - did not know that a guest jumped from the Cosmo hotel balcony.

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Comments & Discussion:

Service was that bad, huh?

He did the $20 trick and didn't get the Wraparound suite for the rate he paid on a city room bid on Priceline.

So was it confirmed then that the March jumper wasn't a hotel guest?

He obviously won the free Carrot Top tickets. He should've taken the easy way out and gone to the Imperial Palace buffet.

Makes me think how many times are they gonna let people jump to their deaths until they decide to seal all the doors to the balconies so no one can use them. That would REALLY suck!

drinking and balconies do not mix.

Is it possible to jump and land on the Blvd? That would really suck - walking along, minding your own business with a yard of cheap frozen margarita, and some depressed tw@t lands on the pavement spattering you with their innards.

Might take to carrying an umbrella mid-strip...

@Professor, how very Wile E Coyote of you

Last January my room at Palms Place had the balcony sealed shut. Wonder if there were any jumpers there. I know they've closed the balconies at the Plaza and Bally's, but the IP still lets low rollers enjoy the "fresh" air.

Plams Place has had jumpers, I can guarantee that. So has Plams Proper. Some people are better at keeping things quiet than others.

I read somewhere that the patio doors at Palm's Place are sealed. Anyone know if this it true?

Donny, yup, mine was sealed shut. And only one year prior I was able to walk out onto the balcony for that amazing Strip view. When I inquired about it the management's excuse was that they didn't want people going out there to smoke. Hmmmmmm...

@robbie guess I should read the entire thread before commenting

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