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Monte Carlo To Construct Outdoor Bar At Fountain Entrance

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 3rd August 2011 8:57am
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Monte Carlo

The trend started by Diablo's Cantina at Monte Carlo and turned into law by Encore's strip front Beach Club - annexing any and all strip frontage for alcohol sales - is claiming a part of another one of Las Vegas' (very) minor attractions, the Monte Carlo fountain entrance.

Monte Carlo, d/b/a Victoria Partners, has submitted plans to Clark County to build a 24 foot high, two story 6,350 sq foot bar on the north east corner of the property (just south of the CVS.)

Monte Carlo
The outside drinking area is a raised platform, enclosed by an 8 foot high glass guardrail wall and has a direct access to the bar. There is a 61 foot wide hardscaped area/pedestrian access easement on the east side between the outside drinking area and Las Vegas Boulevard South.

The plans show existing landscaping on the north and southeast sides of the building which will remain; however, the existing landscape area on the south side of the proposed bar adjacent to the existing water feature will be modified to accommodate new stairs to the second level of the bar (platform).

The plans depict a 24 foot high, 2-story building, with a mix of Mediterranean and contemporary exterior design. Building materials include polished metal panel, glass store front, glass guardrail, back-lit glass panels, and concrete stairways to match the existing resort.

The plans show a 6,350 square foot proposed bar that includes Level 1, for a total of 6,105 square feet, consisting of 3 bar areas, a fire pit, overall sitting area, and an outside drinking area, which is 1,435 square feet. Level 2 consists of a 245 square foot stage for live entertainment.

Note "with a mix of Mediterranean and contemporary exterior design." We knew it was just a matter of time before Monte Carlo got some City Center on it. Most certainly, this construction is in response to Cosmopolitan's success at hoovering up street traffic and City Center's $9.6 billion dollar failure to do so.

We'll keep our eyes on this as it develops. Thanks to VT super tipster stevecovington for dropping a dime!

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Comments & Discussion:

While I know Diablos is an eyesore, at least it brought MC out to the strip and gave it some personality. The fact that this new bar will be right next to Diablos makes me think of one of those simulated Vegas building games where you build a casino from the ground up and have no conceptualization of how it looks in real life.

Good job, Mr. Murren for another needless upgrade to a property, here's a suggestion walk through the Monte Carlo and see that your Ignite bar while a good idea, doesn't move the traffic where it should on the floor. MC needs a center style bar/attraction in the middle of the casino floor, the purpose is to drive traffic through the property.

I sure hope this turns out more like Mon ami Gabi than Sugar Factory at Paris. I wonder if they are going to partner with someone (Light, SBE) or will this be an MRI run bar?

I hope they don't partner. I'm really getting so tired of all these outsider partnerships in the casino and spaces being contracted/leased out. Those places think they are above it all and usually have an attitude and kill the whole vibe of the casino, especially when they don't take comps and what not.

The whole motif they were going for worked for a while but was trumped long ago by Paris' more impressive fountain and Venetian's frontage. Also Caesar's Trevi Fountain if you want to count that. Might as well do something semi-useful with it now.

I actually do not have a problem with Diablo's but the bar seems a bit much. You would think it makes more sense to put the bar inside to attract more people inside the hotel and the casino.

Weird. When Andre's was redeveloping I remember asking whether their terrace bar would actually have some outside space and it wasn't something the MC management were keen on. I wonder if they could piggy back this development so digestifs could be enjoyed al fresco (no doubt to the overspill of omph-omph "music").

The section of MC that always makes me giggle is the tram entrance. It's interior design is obviously what Murren would like to see all of MC look like. No classic European elegance, just your typical uninspired Modern Bland™ MGM loves so dear. The way it clashes with the rest of the property is hilarious though!

I have to agree with Robbie, first time I walked through the new walkway, all I could think was this is how they would want to redevelop MC if they had money left to do so. Although considering MC has never really had themed 'charm' to me, I can't say it would have been a bad fit for the resort if they did do it in that manner.

Updated plans go to Clark County December 6. More protection from flying drinks added for pedestrians?

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