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Hot Pants: Hooters Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 1st August 2011 7:47pm
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Hooters Hotel & Casino has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a defensive move against uncooperative purchasers of the companies debt.

Worry not, those who hold reservations as the company will continue to serve piss beer, deep fry hot wings and deal hand busting monkeys with cleavage and orange hot pants as bankruptcy proceedings continue.

No matter how much pine cladding they put in the place, It will always be the San Remo to me.

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Oh no!

Ah, the San Remo. Why didn't "Showgirls of Magic" ever make a go of it at another hotel? I mean, other than the awfulness of it.

I would say i am shocked by this but i am not. The hotel is too small and to cheezy looking to have lasted this long.

As we pass Hooters on the way to the strip on the shuttle, I alway ask my wife let's go there. She alway response " mmmmmmmmmm NO"!

I will never forget the busted air conditioner in my room. The one that EVEN WHEN TURNED OFF still managed to come on in the middle of the night.

Didn't "Showgirls of Magic" migrate to the Miracle Mile at PH under a different name?

"Showgirls" was the first show I'd seen after using Tix4Tonite many years ago..I also had the prime rib special in their 24 cafe, which was a step back into history..glad I did both..

I've also stayed at the current Hooters and hope the place survives; having two empty buildings on the Strip helps no one.

Wasn't that also the "Debbie Reynolds Casino" at one point?

^^ I think the "Debbie Reynolds Casino" was the now-closed Greek Isles on the north strip.

I hate to see any independent go under, but I don't think the Hooters brand translates into a winning concept for a hotel. It's the wrong amount of wrong for a lot of people who harbor an unfair prejudice against orange hot pants. Darn wives and girlfriends.

^^The Greek Isles is now called the Clarion Hotel & Casino.


The property currently known as Hooters Hotel & Casino has to hold the record for most casino name changes in Las Vegas. It opened up as a non-gaming Howard Johnson location and once it got a gaming license, here's the names the property used:

Paradise Hotel & Casino
20th Century Hotel & Casino
Treasury Hotel-Casino
The Pacifica
Polynesian Hotel-Casino
San Remo

The Tropicana should buy it and keep their We are remoldeling/new look marketing going a few more years or at least now ask them to take the $1 Bud building wrap down and out of view.

I hope they make it. Hooters is one of the best hotels on the strip, though I've only stayed there once. Yes, while the rooms may be dated in decor they are spacious and clean and the air conditioner unit doesn't shut itself off automatically. They have their own Hooter's Casino channel that takes you on a tour of the property with extremely bad acting that is hilarious (usually only more high class hotels have such channels). And the best part: Pool is 24 hours.

I'm sure not everyone had a good experience but for the price and everything I experienced, especially compared to other hotels, Hooters is actually a really good hotel/casino. I've never been hassled or harassed in their casino and the rooms rival even MGM Grand and others, and the pool easily outbeats every other pool on the strip that closes at 7 pm... Every hotel should allow guests to enjoy the pool or jacuzzi in the middle of the night. And their pool doesn't have them annoying pubescent lifeguards who sit around doing nothing but blowing their whistle on some power trip.

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