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Las Vegas Sniglets

By Misnomer on Friday, 29th July 2011 11:59am
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With apologies to comedian Rich Hall - who coined the term "Sniglet" and defined it as, "any word that doesn't appear in the dictionary, but should" - here are some Las Vegas-themed Sniglets.

aquawe - The overwhelming feeling of wonder and amazement a person experiences upon seeing the Fountains of Bellagio for the first time.

aquapathy - A person's tendency to skip the Fountains of Bellagio after having seen them a couple of times.

Blue Man Grope - Touching the Blue Man's head at the after-show meet and greet. You know you want to.

Caesarian section - The portion of The Strip beginning at E. Harmon, including Planet Hollywood, Paris, Bally's, Bill's Gamblin' Hall, Flamingo, Imperial Palace, and Harrah's.

Canips Major - The star constellation that covers the nipples of the escorts featured on porn slapper cards.

canopee - The contents of any puddle located beneath the Fremont Street Experience.

Celine Dijon - French Canadian mustard found at the Caesars Palace Colosseum snack bar. Often served with Elton Johnsonville Brats.

fornicatio bicicleta - Literally, "You're fucking the deck!" This angry admonishment is directed toward unskilled blackjack players who do not employ basic strategy, to the perceived detriment of the rest of the table.

imperial callous - A hotel's wanton disregard for maintenance and upkeep.

indentured server - A septuagenarian cocktail waitress.

indivisibuck - The extra dollar required to get a full 7 pulls after inserting a $20 bill into a $3 Max Credit slot machine.

jackpiety - A slot player's earnest appeal to a higher power, usually in the form of a request for a jackpot. Often accompanied by a promise to never gamble again.

jirque - The unimaginative entertainment coordinator for MGM Resorts International.

Minute to Wynnit - The automatic purchase of an item from an Encore mini-bar that occurs after it is removed for more than 60 seconds.

murronic - Describes any grandiose idea so obviously destined for failure that it happens anyway.

scaldish - A fresh-from-the-dishwasher buffet plate having a temperature in excess of 300 degrees.

sharkreefer - An herbal fish food developed by Mandalay Bay marine biologists in an effort to mellow their sharks, so that divers could safely clean the Shark Reef exhibit. Its use was discontinued when the sharks developed the "munchies".

TITOast - A discarded slot machine voucher worth less than .25 cents.

tomatodor - The acrid smell of spoiling catsup one awakens to in the morning after forgetting to push the room service cart out into the hallway the night before.

tunnitis - The constant, high-pitched whining one hears while reading TripAdvisor.com trip reports that recount being "tunneled" by a cab driver.

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Comments & Discussion:

Can someone please PLEASE tell me when the hell they've EVER been tunneled at the airport!? I didn't even know there WAS a tunnel until I started reading TripAdvisor. Seriously.
But I love that Vegas forum there. If I ever need a laugh, I can always go there. And read the 10 page trip reports that report, IN DETAIL, every footstep from the plane to the cab, every footstep through the hotel from the cab to the room, every piece of dust in the room, every pull on every slot machine, the contents of every plate at every buffet, and how the people stayed out REALLY LATE till 10pm getting wasted on frozen drinks that contain little to no alcohol. Then things turn WILD when they go downtown to the bad part of town, AKA the WESTERN and ATOMIC LIQUORS, and encounter homeless people.

I got tunneled my first trip to Vegas, April 2003. I was staying at Venetian for vacation/NAB Show. I had no idea there was a tunnel, but all of a sudden we were on the 215 and then the 15 looking at the backside of all the Strip resorts. I think he took me all the way down the Spring Mountain.

I got tunneled on my 3rd or 4th trip to Vegas, to the Flamingo. Was pissed. It definitely happens.

There's a lot of crap on TripAdvisor, but there's some Vegas knowledge to be found there, as well. I've been to Vegas 26 times and I still learn things from TA.

I've had cab driver take the tunnel three or four times from the airport, it sets the trip off on the wrong foot for me, but it happens. I've also had drivers give me grief about asking them not to take the tunnel. Most of the time now from the airport, I just take a shuttle, cheaper, no headaches, and I get a free ride down the strip usually.

Got tunneled in April of 2009 to Luxor. Went past LVB exit down to I-15 and past the first entrance. Fare was $23+. Trip back was $12. Now I take the bus or rent a car.

Got tunnelled only once in 20+ trips to Vegas, and not only did he take the tunnel before I noticed he also tried to drive us to Palace Station instead of Palazzo, saying "which one's Palazzo" after I told him he was going to the wrong hotel. But that is better than some friend's of ours who asked to be taken to Bill's and ended up at Sam's Town!

cosmopoliticians - cosmopolitan employees who do nothing but pimp their property on social media

Venetian blindness - an affliction which makes people with expense accounts and corporate credit cards think Venetian / Palazzo is a good Vegas value

Tropicanadians - people at the pool without any sense of sun tan

comptroller - person who constantly asks for comps, discounts or freebies

brigenius - The engaging and effective use of social media to promote one's hotel and casino.

Oontzitarians - members of the house music cult

skankdown - chick fight outside a night club

People still go to TripAdvisor in our new Yelp world?

Spearmint Rhinotitus - an affliction procured at a strip club

Spearmint Rhinoplasty - having a "nose" job in Vegas.

Stratovarious - the humming sound behind you when walking near the Strat at night.

nopostrophe - the lack of an apostrophe where otherwise expected (e.g., Caesars Palace)

Hey Chuck "Tropicanadians - people at the pool without any sense of sun tan" if I wasn't paler than a computer programer in the dead of winter, I'd complain to management about this one.....

These are great! I hope I can remember to use a few of them on my next trip.

Casino Royale flush – The unavoidable conclusion to the ill-advised late-night visit to Denny's Baconalia.

Buffade – What happens after the third trip to the crab leg station. “I'd like another scoop of the green, but I'm buffading fast.”

Encore Bitch Club – The VT message board about 10 minutes after the first line of douchehats queued up for Surrender through the middle of the casino.

Burgument – An argument over which Strip burger establishment is best. “Kerry Simon is hardly fit to butter Laurent Tourondel's buns.

Bonus Envy – The act of punching the max bet button without regard for anything but seeing that silly cartoon do its thing again.

Parlaid – Clandestine sexual congress in a sports book. “The sports book at the Hilton is still one of my favorites. It's the first place I ever got parlaid.”

Murrenation – A little puddle in a pocket park.

Never been tunneled; not thst i want to be but I would have appreciated being asked.

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