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The Best Photos Of A Hotel That Will Never Open

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 28th July 2011 2:06pm
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VT uberfriend MiddleClassBuzz (Paolopalooza's namesake), just tweet tipped me about Google's new Hotel Finder Experiment. My first thoughts were... look out Kayak, here comes Google.

My second thought - after doing a cursory search for Las Vegas hotels - was... "Bomard Electric Fontaine Bleau... ?!? What the hell is that?" A quick glance at the thumbnails revealed that this was a listing for THE Fontainebleau Carcass & Debris Field and it contained a treasure trove of high-resolution, professionally shot hotel room photographs. The best photos we've seen of a hotel that will never open.


It's time to play.... pin the tail (FB furnishings) on the donkey (The Plaza's new rooms)!!!


Sleek. This is what I might have expected for Bellagio's renovations.


Living room. Definitely have seen the end table lamps in the new Plaza rooms.


King sized bedroom. Notice the iMac on the desk. Amazing how fast technology moves... this seemed like a great idea 3 years ago... with the explosion in mobile technology - smart phones and tablets - there is absolutely no need for this.

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Comments & Discussion:

I assume the price tag on the room was something in the neighborhood of $2.5bn for an endless stay?

The chair in the second photo as well as the desk chair and curtains can be easily noted from the photos of the rooms on the Plaza FaceBook page.

The Bellagio's current guest rooms look far nicer despite its smaller size

How long til there's a new crowned winner in the desk-chair-of-the-moment category?

I hope the Plaza rooms come with their own martini shaker and Sinatra coffee table book.

Just a side note, what ever happened to all those computers that were in each of the Aladdin's rooms?

the iMac isn't a bad idea. If you are flying in from overseas and your network carrier doesn't have an international plan, then you can get your email, info (and porn) from the hotel's computer instead of your phone.

The first view out the window looks like it was stolen from the old Wynn panoramic picture on the WLV site and slightly muddled in photoshop. The second view also looks familiar but I can't figure out where I've seen it.

I like the old Stardust picture above the bed in the first photo.

@jink73..I like that pic too..wondering where one could find it..

Dear MGM, this is what a new Bellagio room should look like. The vintage Vegas mural above the bed is awesome. More LV hotels should pay homage to what is no longer there and it looks great.

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