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Bluelaggio : The New Blue Rooms At Bellagio

By JohnH on Thursday, 21st July 2011 7:59pm
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Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the VT premiere* of the brand new "blue" rooms at Bellagio. Through some strange act of fate and timing VT's John H and our friend Steve Friess - unbeknownst to each other - managed to end up inside these rooms at exactly the same time, taking photos and soaking up this second Bellagio room design.

Steve's Twitter posting earlier today kicked off the avalanche, and caused quite a discussion about the rooms. We're excited to follow up with a slew of pix John has taken earlier this evening.

I urge you to head on over to Vegas Happens Here to gobble up even more information and analysis when Steve posts it later this evening. Bellagio Renovation 2011 1.4 Megadoppler 5000 Co-Team Coverage - chuckmonster

Elevator landings

bellagio renovations blue room


bellagio renovations blue room

bellagio renovations blue room


bellagio renovations blue room

The desk, chair and closet:

bellagio renovations blue room

Entertainment center: (don't forget the ogle the bedspread)

bellagio renovations blue room

Bed bench:

bellagio renovations blue room

The bed:

bellagio renovations blue room

The bed with wall art:

bellagio renovations blue room

Another view:

bellagio renovations blue room

Wall paper / lamp, nightstand detail:

bellagio renovations blue room

Conservatory inspired artwork

bellagio renovations blue room

The sink

bellagio renovations blue room


bellagio renovations blue room


bellagio renovations blue room

The new decor makes the tile look like nicotine stained teeth.

bellagio renovations blue room

And a comment card... how would you score this room at Bellagio?

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Comments & Discussion:

This looks awesome compared to that other room a few weeks ago.

Is it possible to hook up computers to the flatscreen via HDMI? Really tired of hotels that disable the HDMI such as Excalibur and reportedly the Flamingo.

Great looking room...very 1960-something...love it!

Still not very Bellagio but definitely a step up from the other design. It's Mirage meets Aria.

Oh hey this isn't so bad this looks sort of like a AHHHHH... THE WALLPAPER!! MY EYES!! MY EYES!!! THE GOGGLES, THEY DO NOTHING!!!

Seriously, the wallpaper in the bedroom looks like it should have been in the Aladdin... and I think it clashes with the carpet rather than accentuates it.

Also, the hallways look more like a theater lobby (those should be movie posters... might be an idea for PH)

But otherwise, better than the previous pictures we saw.

I like -- much better than the other room posted a while ago. Would be great to see Bellagio get refreshed and get it's Mojo back.

I think it looks great! The stylings are a bit vintage and the bathroom wall coverings have a fantastic design. The only problem is the tile color in the bathroom is completely wrong for the new color scheme. It's a great tile but completely out of place now with the new decor. I have never stayed at the Bellagio because I was never really a fan of the room decor or the room towers that are in ridiculous locations but this would bring me in.

The Wallpaper behind the bed makes me think that this would be a great redesign for the Sahara...not sure it feels "Bellagio" to me...and yes...agree with the above postings about the tile color...eck.

If the green rooms were an abstract interpretation of Bellagio's conservatory, the blue rooms are clearly an abstract interpretation of Lake-Como-On-Vegas.

I agree its better than the green rooms. However, the carpet still sucks (I actually don't mind the wallpaper, but the carpet blows). Also, I don't like the brown on the headboard; I'd go for a lighter sandstone color.

Still, the entertainment center/closet combo is VERY well designed and fits perfectly in the rooms. The bathrooms are very nice too! I like the bathroom wallpaper a lot. The hotel hallways are also very nicely done IMO.

Lighten the headboard and change the carpet and this room would rock.

On the bright side, everyone likes to criticize "MGM Moderne" but (yes, I like modern) these rooms DO have a very seperate identity from Mirage and Aria. Both of those properties are more minimalistic, Aria is less colorful, Mirage is more colorful (blue/green rooms and red/yellow rooms).

So, its not perfect, but its not half bad either.

p.s. I still prefer Aria's rooms. Hell, I think Mirage looks better honestly.

My first impression was what the Sahara would have looked liked in a future remodel.Not very Bellagio but very fresh.

Wow I really like the new Blue rooms. Only if I had the cash to stay there... does this mean The Blue Man Group will come to the Bellagio ? yuck, yuck... Thank you i'll be here all night.

What a mess. The only thing that screams lake is the print on the wall and the blue. Speaking of...the combo of royal blue, poop brown, and cream really just looks like something you'd see on a rental yacht at the marina. The wallpaper behind the headboard looks like it escaped from the Aladdin, and the bathroom wallpaper looks like an IKEA castoff.

What DO I like? I give the soft goods kudos, they look subtle and comfy, but the carpet pattern clashes with the wallpaper pattern because both are WAY too large in scale. I would have liked to see maybe a complimentary sand or lighter blue color on the upholstered chairs, as they are they just wash into the room. The armoire is nice, but feels just as heavy and massive as that which came before it. Perhaps mirrors behind the TV? And the bathroom is just a mess. Two styles that do not go together.

Let me know when they bring in Sharon Stone for her beaver shot in that desk chair.

Only thing I like out of any of the pictures above is the close up of that flower picture by the lamp....and the elevator landings. Everything else screams "Updated Sahara rooms" Seriously. That wallart behind the bed SCREAMS camel.

The hallways and core lobbies look uglier than the Tropicana. Too much pattern and nothing matches. I think the sets of "Fear and Loathing.." looked better.

Hallways look ok; especially the carpet. The room is nice, but it doesn't fit the Bellagio. The Mandalay rooms look more "Bellagio" than this.

I'd really like to know more about MGM's design team and decision-making process. I suppose we should be pleased that it's not the standard "MGM-moderne" design they normally use. Makes you wonder if any of these comments are getting back to the MGM executives (and whether they even care).

The situation reminds me of the US automakers over the last couple decades who just never could break out of the mold of boring mass-market car interiors. It was almost as if their internal design processes wouldn't allow them to come up with an inspired design.

The MGM design team missed the boat and simultaneously dropped the ball! Seriously, I want to know their thoughts to at least add some context to all of their decisions. Unfortunately, I have a feeling the design team would over and over again say that their initial decisions were trumped by executive management…probably even Jimbo himself. I’m sure in most if not all cases they were instructed to change the designs so that they were…survey said…”less expensive”. Contrast the Bellagio redesigned rooms to the Wynn redesigned rooms. Compared to Wynn…Bellagio probably spent pennies on the dollar per room and it shows. It’s too bad that Steve is focusing all of his attention in Macau because it would be awesome if he bought Bellagio back and let his design team do the rooms justice….bring the property back to its glory.

It's very 'Psychedelic 60s Motel'

Actually, it looks like something straight out of I Dream of Jeannie now that I think about it more.

That's the nicest Greek Restaurant I've ever seen. Who had the Souvlaki?

What a far, far cry from the original Bellagio and all it represented. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

UGHHHHH!!! That the room that is supposed to evoke a sense of luxury and class the lobby, casino, and general areas do? What are they thinking there. It looks like they are trying to remodel the place to look like CityCenter rooms. That makes me even less likely to book a stay there over the previous unremodel rooms. Is everything in vegas being marketed and remodeled for the under 30 crowd.

This isn't bad. It's not super-spectacular, but it's not horrid either.

My only question is, is that a bare wall standing between the bed and the bathroom? It looks a bit too sparse.

If we wanted to stay in one of these rooms how would we ask for them at registration? Just ask for one of the new "Blue Rooms" on the 27th or 28th floor? Please tell.

I don't "Hate" the room, I just don't think it should be in the Bellagio. It cold be kind of cool and kitschy in more of a mid-pack hotel, but for the Bellagio, I'm not impressed.

I walked thru the Bellagio common areas yesterday and was distraught by the "new" (I only get out there about once a year, so maybe it's not all that new) brown-tone carpeting. It clashes so ridiculously with the valances above the table games and machines. I wonder if Wynn ever walks thru incognito just to see what travesties they've sullied his former child with. In related news, Hyde Nightclub is opening in Bellagio on New Year's Eve. Should be douche-tastic!

I like the two tone desk and the artwork..bathroom looks pretty standard...the TV layout is straight out of Mandalay Bay...but I do like the closet next to it..really stands out..

I really like it, and it's much better than the green room. I concur about the bathroom, but unless you want to put a floor out of commission for even longer in order to completely redo the floors and the tiling in the bathrooms, you have to try to make work as best as possible (This pretty much happens with most hotel renovation projects, as you've got a timetable to get a floor back online.).

I have to say that my interest is piqued and definitely has me considering a stay there in February, as I've not booked my rooms yet.

This got me wondering if maybe MGM had commited to buying some fixtures and carpet for "The Harmon" which they were on the hook for and are now recycling into Bellagio, since The Harmon will never open now.

A vast improvement over the previous rendition. At least the huge wallpaper print is gone. Still, it doesn't evoke a luxury that would make me want to pay top dollar. It seems like a nice mid-tier remodel.

It's nice, but it's not the Bellagio elegance we've come to expect. MGM and Murren have no concept of synergy within their resort's theme. The rooms at the Mirage and even Aria have more substance to their properties than this. Why is the MGM design team so scared to venture out into anything that doesn't fall under Murren's beloved Modern Bland™ tastes?

I liked the bathroom wallpaper, much more subtle with the blue, and I'd have liked to see that behind the bed, rather then what they put there. I do think the floor in the bathroom looks horrible with the color scheme.

To me the rest of it, is sort of meh. To me I see a lot of similarities to the current room in the rest of the design. It's a well designed room already, so it's not like they can mess it up too bad.

After staying in one of the Rio 'suites' where they put a dresser with nothing in it, to hold the 52 inch TV, against the floor to ceiling windows, I guess I can't complain too much about the Bellagio makeover.

We have stayed at the Bellagio a few times in the past 4 years.I don't like the look of these rooms at all.The wallpaper and carpet are hideous. The bedding looks blah. There is not a single aspect I like of the new rooms with the exception of the consevatory inspired picture and lamp next to it. Between the pictures posted a few weeks ago of the new rooms and this latest version, I do not see anything that screams Bellagio elegance to me. Please tell me this is a mistake.

I've STAGED properties for less and with a fuller more luxurious look than this. What's missing out of the components for Las Vegas rooms are plants. Psychologically, the add life into spaces that we otherwise expect to be 100% sterile, cleaned and prepared for Guests or for sale.

Yeah, what is the deal with no plants in rooms? The PR pictures for the hotels always feature them livening up the room, but they're always absent in the actual room itself. The only time I've ever encountered a plant in a Vegas room was THEhotel (which have since been removed) and Hooters (which was of the fake variety).

This is not very Bellagio. Bellagio is supposed to be a classic european style resort. Jim Murren and his team make it look like a cheap Best Value Inn Motel...:s. I Guess Steve Wynn would be pissed if he sees this..or maybe not..it's better for his joints.

If I was previously unable to pay Bellagio prices, I am currently unwilling.

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