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Hyde Lounge In Hiding

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 21st July 2011 1:30pm
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Hyde Lounge, the new nightclub concept from Sahara assassin Sam Nazarian's company sbe entertainment has now fully boarded over the Fontana Lounge at Bellagio. After 13 years of doing double duty as lounge and overflow poker room, the Fontana Lounge closed forever on July 5, 2011.


Bellagio Fontana


Hyde Lounge Coming Soon

Hyde Lounge Coming Soon

Hyde Lounge Coming Soon

Hyde Lounge Coming Soon

Hyde Lounge Coming Soon

Hyde Lounge Coming Soon

Hyde Lounge Coming Soon

Hyde Lounge Coming Soon

Hyde Lounge Coming Soon

As you can see there, Hyde Lounge is scheduled to open on New Years Eve, December 31, 2011. Hopefully, the inside won't look like this.

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Comments & Discussion:

At least the wall looks ok. Let's hope they surprise us with decor that meshes with the rest of Bellagio.

Allegro Bar? Um, isn't that gone? i.e. Replaced with Caramel?

Ok let me get this straight - The Bank, Caramel, and now Hyde Lounge. The Bellagio is sure working hard to get a bigger piece of the d-bag crowd back from Wynn.

i would say that it pretty straight gotten.

I just looked over a very detailed plan for Hyde Lounge and couldn't see anything that looked like the previously posted render. No weird curved walls.
The main entry looks to be a straight corridor, near Circo. They aren't removing any of the lake but the curved railing will be brought out a few feet and straightened on the ends and it looks like the roof will be brought all the way out to the front, thus removing the terrace except for a 730 sq ft "patio" in the center that will have an overhead trellis. It almost looks like a portion of the curved staircase will be hidden under the new construction, with only the flights closest to the lake remaining.

The curved wall and soffit between Fontana and the casino will just become a flat, nondescript wall, with the area that was once the Fontana entry becoming a queue. Directly behind that is the main bar, which faces out into a 1200 sqft lounge area with built in booths. Directly behind that is the 4000 sqft salon space which opens to the above mentioned "patio". One either side of the patio are the above mentioned additions out onto the former terrace. They are square, enclosed spaces about 700 sqft. On the southside there is a small bar in the corner.

f u c k i n g spelling errors!


I just can't see how removing a classy bar like that from the middle of a casino to put in a club for douche bags that aren't going to gamble at the Bellagio anyway makes any sense?! If they're not there for the Bank why are they going to be there for this place?

I'm sure all the Bellagio gamblers will just love to have DJ PaulyD rattling their skulls while they try to play.

This thing looks like it is going to be pretty ugly though. Inside the casino, the entire wall between Hyde and the casino floor will just be a straight wall with square wooden panels covering the expanse of it. There will be just the one double door entry near Circo, with a set of faux back-lit doors on either side. "H Y D E" is spelled out in 3 ft tall stainless steel letters just to the right of the entry.

Each section of the interior looks to have a drop down domed ceiling, almost Middle Eastern shaped. This is all starting to fit together with those new blue guestrooms that we saw pictures of yesterday. The interior looks almost like it will have a modern-looking Arabian nights theme. Weird.

The front of the exterior is sadly going to look very different. The upper section of curved staircase below Hyde will in fact be hidden by a new support wall, basically they are just going to "hyde" the upper flight of stairs behind the new construction. Two fake arched doors will be added to the landings, since the staircase will just dead-end under Hyde's floor. A large 6 foot "H" will be attached to this new support wall, off centered North, just between Hyde Lounge's patio space and the existing "plaster work" below. The roof of the new addition is flat, while the existing tiled roof of Fontana will be kept just beyond. A wall of glass will be added above the existing terrace railing (much like over at TI). The two additions flanking the center patio space are flat-roofed, matching the existing architecture of the building. There will be 8 large windows in each addition, facing out onto the lake. New black awnings with the Hyde logos on them will be added above that, as well above all the existing Hyde windows.

Disappointing. :(


Le Circue should petition to redesign the exterior of their section to be more circus like. If Hyde can basically turn his club into HYBE CLUB at the bellagio then La Circue, Yellowtail and Olives should do the same.

Does MGM even understand the concept that this is a themed hotel with cool stuff in it and not a generic place to promote super-whiz-bang du jour places? Or is this some super secret plan to up attendence at City Center? Because if Bellagio turns into douche central I aint stayin' there anymore (and I've stayed there twice a year for the past 4 years) and will either stay at douche places for half the ocst (hello PH) or go to doucheless places... like the Aria...

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