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Caesars Enlists Showgirls Help In Anti-Resort Fee Publicity Stunt

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 21st July 2011 9:49am
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Whats better than two boobs marketing against resort fees? One hundred boobs marketing against resort fees!

Taking a cue from last year's "No Resort Fees" event at Planet Hollywood hosted by Holly Madison, Caesars Entertainment has pulled out all the stops and gathered up the entire cast of Jubilee to march down part of the Strip, complaining about resort fees.

Here is a photo of the event directly from the Twitter. And another.

My question is, how many showgirls actually pay resort fees? I'm guessing none.

Check out VT's continually updated list of Resort Fees and what they include to help you make your booking decisions.

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Comments & Discussion:

They appear to be dressed somewhat comfortably in the heat...

I saw this on Caesars Palace' Fakebook page. Love it.

One thing I laugh about their whole "no resort fee" thing is that most (if not all) of the properties in Las Vegas that have resort fees include free WiFi and the resort fee at some of them is still less than what the various CET properties charge per day for WiFi access.

Resort fees are fine if you're actually going to make use of everything the resort fee covers. Now while CET has all of this "ala carte" or doesn't offer it all (You want a newspaper? Walk your punk ass to the sundries shop and buy one.), I would venture to guess that if you used all of the services and amenities CET properties charge ala carte that most properties bundle in with the resort fee, it would be more expensive than the resort fees (I know T.I. breaks theirs down with a supposed value for each item.).

Maybe Murren can counter-march with the entire cast of "Legionella" to show the world what a $20-a-day resort fee can buy.

I love the protest, but couldn't this marketing scheme backfire on CET? What if MGM actually decided to do away with resort fees in part because CET made such a stink? It's one thing for CET to say "we have no resort fees" and another to "protest" resort fees. They could regret this strategy!

Will Caesar's agree not to factor the resort fee back into the room cost?

Just like an episode of the tv show Las Vegas! I wonder if they made their own signs?? Pay no resort fees and get paid a whopping 6-5 on blackjack. I get that some people don't care for the resort fees but for $20 less I'm not staying at Flamingo instead of Treasure Island or even MGM Grand

Basically what a money conscious, blackjack playing vacationer should do is stay at a CET property to avoid the resort fee but then play BJ at an LVS resort to avoid 6-5. They all get you one way or another

Is it bad that a part of me wishes CET might implement the fees in order to remodel their properties a bit. The puke stained carpets in the hallways and such could really use it, along with all the faded paint inside and out.

Puke. This takes one of the greatest aspects of this country, the right to assemble and protest, which the masses have become too lazy to do except for extreme fringe issues, and turns it into corporate marketing.

More puke.

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