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Parenting Magazine Approves of Vegas With Kids

By Misnomer on Friday, 15th July 2011 1:02pm
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I don't read Parenting Magazine. Let's get that right out of the way. But in a terribly regrettable postal mix-up, I received a copy of Parenting belonging to my neighbors, the Reverend and Mrs. Jacobsen, while my copies of High Times, Fangoria, and Oui ostensibly ended up next door.

No matter, the mistake nets me a column, as the cover of the August 2011 issue of Parenting asks the question, "Vegas with kids?" And unfortunately, rather than answering it's question with the correct answer, Parenting instead writes that Las Vegas is a fine place for a family vacay.

Some of their recommendations will not surprise you: Stay at Circus Circus, they advise; go see Hoover Dam. But Parenting's first suggestion for Vegas family fun is... Crystals at CityCenter? Yes, Parenting thinks your youngins will have a blast in a shopping mall, staring at corporate art. Then again, so does Jim Murren.

What can I say that hasn't already been said before? Don't take your kids to Vegas. Just don't. But hey, I gotta scoot. The UPS truck just pulled up in front of the neighbors' house, and I'm expecting a Hitachi Magic Wand that I ordered through the Amazon.com link on www.fivehundybymidnight.com.

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It certainly is clear no one at Parenting Magazine has actually set foot in or near Crytals.

The more important question is - Did you get the electric version of the Magic Wand or the (pick one) Kardashian Heavy Duty model with the Briggs & Stratton Gas Engine?

Almost 50 years old, no kids. The wife and I schedule all of our vacations when schools are in session just to avoid as many as possible. After the 4 hour plane ride to Vegas in April with a little SCREAMER right behind me, I'm considering never leaving home again...well, except for the August Vegas trip...

This is brilliant marketing...

Pay Parenting Magazine to write a fluff piece on taking kids to Crystals and when the kids walk into the Chihuli store and break something we make them pay for it.

Jimbo is a genius!

Prior to 12 months, my little one visited Vegas twice. Now 16 months, she's been to Vegas 3 times (and 3 different indian casinos). There is lots to do in Vegas for little one. How about the shark tank at Manadalay? The mall next to Trump? Walking the bridge between MGM and NYNY? What could go wrong.

What's next, we can't bring our toddlers to the Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic?

^^ chances are you aren't going to be allowed to bring your toddler to the VIMFP. As the asterisk notes, the event is NOT A PICNIC. It very well may be held inside, at a bar or lounge which has a laws against bringing kids into. Some may remember that Dr. Dave got 86'd from the Plams at VPP 1 because he brought his toddler.

Even if I had kids, I wouldn't put them in the shark tank at Mandalay! :)

Chuck, will you be allowing man-children to the picnic?

^^ Are there any other type?

I understand that back in the 90's many of the casinos specifically marketed themselves as family-friendly with kid-themed attractions, etc. Didn't MGM even have a giant roller coaster similar to the NYNY one? But all that changed in the "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" 00's. It went back to its original theme which was adult Disney land, minus the kids.

I can see older kids (double digits) maybe being allowed to go, but I totally don't get the stroller pre-school set, pushing through the smokey and drunk casino floor at 2am, trying to look like it's no big deal.

As I said on Twitter, I have kids (single digits) but I would never think of taking them there until they are of age. Vegas is a mythical place in their minds where mommy and daddy go each year to gamble away something called "a college fund."

That's how it should stay.

@saharalv only those in diapers.

We live across the street from a family SUPER CHRISTIANS and one day my husbands Hustler, GameInformer, and Penthouse ended up in their mailbox 3 days in a row. For three days I had the dad come over and bring me the mail stating "I don't know why this vulgarity of the devil keeps ending up in my mailbox, but if you're doing it as a joke, God will make you pay. My children do NOT play video games and NO ONE in my house looks at pornographic material."
Two days after the Penthouse ended up in the mailbox, I got a postcard from their church to come join them for Sunday services.

Take them to Circus Circus? That place is a dump. Why would a good parent subject their kids to that. Maybe as sadistic punishment. Circus Circus instead of Disney.

Dad: Johnny since you didn't make the Honor Roll this semester, we're not going to Disney World.

Son: Where are we going then, Grandma's?

Dad: No, we're going to Circus Circus!

Son: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Can't you just beat the shit out me and we still go to Disney World? We don't even have to go to Epcot.....

Ya know...I've been to the Circus, Circus. It ain't that bad really. At least it knows it's cheap. With a little TLC it could be pretty nice. And the MGM had a little coaster out back in their old amusement park. Nothing major.

Still, Vegas+Kids=Bad Time for all

My kids are very well behaved when we visit Vegas.They will patiently wait in the car while I have a few snifters of VSOP at Sapphires.For that I'll treat them to some gift shop cards,loaded dice and casino shot glasses with which they have a blast with their friends.
They are going to start helping me find deals and freebies in Anthony Curtis's Newsletter.
I thought the cutest time was when my 10 year old was handed a card from a slapper.He cleaned up all the cards on the ground at that corner.Came away with a giant stack!
We had to laugh the other day when we were having a BBQ and one of the kids asked "Dad can I have a King cut?"
Parenting magazine is right on. Vegas is a good spot for kids.
The wife and I don't need a babysitter,we can let the strip keep them occupied while we dance,gamble, drink and eat.Perfect!

@TangiersTodd – I agree and at the same time disagree with your comment about never taking kids (single digits) to Vegas.
I agree because I’d certainly rather not take my kids if I didn’t have to. Luckily, my wife and I go get chances here and there to go to Vegas for the weekend while leaving the kids w/ the grandparents.
I disagree because we have taken them a few times and it wasn’t all bad. I just have to approach the trip differently and accepting that it’s a “family” vacation versus “my” vacation ahead of time is key. I have to wait until everyone is asleep to go downstairs to satisfy my gambling addiction. Definitely not ideal, but I’ll take what I can get. I have no interest in strolling them around the casino at 2am…the sooner they go to bed, the sooner I can hit the tables.

One of my potential near-future book projects is a guide for parents who have to take their young kids to Vegas, for whatever reason (a lot of family weddings, etc, would seem to fit the bill). Maybe I can expect a write-up in Parenting.

My thesis is that there are lots of things that parents can do to lessen their kids' exposure to Vegas and Vegas' exposure to their kids. Both are important.

From someone who stood with a friend openly scoffing at a mom with her kid in a stroller wandering part PH at 10 at night, Vegas is not a place for kids. Those days crashed and burned a long time ago.

Maybe it was seeing the twitter discussions on this during the trip, but I witnessed at least three back and forth between families with kids this trip and non-families yelling about kids getting in the way, muttering how they shouldn't bring them there etc. The last encounter, I kind of had to agree with the non-kid travelers, the family walking in side by side manner with 6-8 kids through the Rio as if they were admiring a museum, with no concern about anyone trying to walk around them.

That one resulted in the loudest exchange, as the passerbys said something and the parents then decided to start yelling about how they were allowed to bring their kids to Vegas.

At the end of the day, I'm still convinced it's not about kids being in Vegas, it's about parent's that have no understanding of their surroundings and allow their kids to be in the way.

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