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ARIA's Legionnaire's Disease Outbreak Email

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 14th July 2011 8:50am
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Thanks to one of our trusty readers, we've gotten a copy of the email sent out by ARIA's VP of Hotel Operations Paul Berry concerning the rumored and now confirmed outbreak of Legionnaire's disease at ARIA.

Here it is:

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Wow crazy. I stayed there June 12-15.

Wow ,I was there also Dohh

My name is Derek and I work for MGM Resorts. We created a website that includes more information about this issue. Please go to www.AriaLasVegas.com/Facts for more information and the latest updates. Thank you.

Dear Derek,

Calling the website "facts" is a bit misleading. It's more like "facts that Aria/MGM wants you to know. We can neither deny or conifrm that we might be excluding some information."

Incredible news.Thanks for the heads up Chuckmonster.Everytime I look to book a trip to CC something stops me and I am really glad that we stayed at Wynn over the July 4th weekend. I would imagine this also includes the restaurants and night clubs in Aria.

His name is Derek.
He works for Murren.
He runs the Facebook and Twitter for Baldwin.
He's here to tell you.
To visit their website.
For information and updates on diseases.
Because mist tainted bacteria just might get onya at the AAAARIA.
AAAARIA. AAAARIA diseases. THE ARRRRRIA Aaaaria diseases.

Extremely unfortunate situation and I hope most who stayed do not develop it. I'm wondering what kind of liability there is here, if any at all? Just a curiosity on my part.

Would require a lot of lawyering. Considering that someone there knew about the presence of bacteria in potentially hazardous levels since the property opened, and that it hasn't been publicly noted until now - almost 2 years later - there is certainly a possibility that some evidence demonstrating culpability is farting around an email box or two.

Uh oh, Donnymac and his gal stayed at Aria during that time period as well.

How the hell does this happen in a brand-new facility? Between this and the Harmon, I'm starting to think they didn't get their $10 billion dollars' worth.

Seriously, I hope no one dies. I would not check in if I was over 65 years old.

The December 2009 thing is what gets me. Does that mean that the SNHD knew about it back then, or that someone who contracted Legionaires' back then has just come forward? I'm confused about what exactly happened.

It sounds like someone's got some 'splainin' to do.....

Don't forget to breathe. No, wait. Don't breathe and don't drink the water.

Uh-oh. I was there 2 weeks ago.
Why didn't I get an email?

Those letters are gonna put a crimp on repeat guests.

Ya we stayed there then and she is very sick right now with the symptoms. She went for tests today so we will see

The presence of Legionella bacteria in a water system is fairly normal and not in itself alarming. They're everywhere. I am not surprised that it has been detected since the place opened. Actionable levels of Legionella and people getting sick, that's another story.

I believe it when they say that they have undergone a water treatment program and no longer have detectable levels of Legionella. The question is, do they know the cause of the increased levels (cold water at too high a temp? hot water too cold?) and have they fixed that? I would not be surprised if an operation of that size and that location had to be pretty creative with its water supply to get LEED certification at that level. Personally, I would prefer to support them for their good work along those lines and cut them some slack as they try to figure it out and fix it.

The lawyers are circling the Aria. All these hotels need to hire a company that specializes in "water management". Either that or put those dollars aside for multi million dollars lawsuits. PTG

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