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Follow Up: Caesars Pet Discount, BYO Lemmiwinks

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 11th July 2011 2:05pm
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In response to Misnomer's post about P.Ho's Pet Stay discount, VT reader Mr. K, sent us this screengrab of all Caesars Entertainment properties offering PetStay discounts.

There is no stipulation that you must bring dogs with you. But if they force you, you can sign up with Las-Vegas-Rent-A-Gerbil.net and for $1.99 per day, you get to rent gerbils enough to satisfy the minimum pet requirement at Caesars hotels.

Just think of all the fun you can have with your new fuzzy buddies! You can teach them the difference between Wynn and Encore, explain to them that Sinatra doesn't serve Italian food and prove the them once and for all that The Palazzo is the greatest hotel in the universe.

A great adventure is waiting for you ahead!

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Comments & Discussion:

Going in the other direction, I dusted the mothballs off my TR account and found that the PetStay rates are $50/night higher at every property than they are if I don't bring my pet salamander with me to town.

Gerbil rentals...what could possibly go wrong? But seriously, what do we think? Is this an intentional decision by the marketing department...or a data entry error?

@NeverJustJ Data entry error sounds probable...unless the demand for the PetStay rooms is truly lower than the regular rooms. I just read a trip report on another site about a guest who had the choice between a standard room and a deluxe PetStay room at one of the CET family properties.

I think CET is discovering that there are fewer toy dog-loving, narco-vaginal hotel heiresses than they bargained for when they began the PetStay program.

I was going to book a pet stay room for my trouser snake, but they only allow small pets.

I'll bet this half-assed Pet Stay program doesn't even offer smoking Pet Stay rooms. How can I tell my monkey he can't smoke on vacation? What fun is that? Mr. Wheezy don't roll that way.

I think part of it is there isn't a huge amount of demand for it and they are likely getting some backlash from non pet carrying travelers about staying in a pet room. I also think given the setup for TR it's a strong possibility that it's a system oversight that they haven't corrected yet too.

Me, I always look forward to the possibility that my hotel room is going to smell like an old aunt's spare bedroom where the cats sometimes pee. Who wouldn't like that?

I noticed the same thing back in March when I was planning my April trip. I'm fiercely allergic to dogs and cats. If they put me in a room being used for pets I would be a snotty mess. Let's hope this bargin is due lack of demand for a block of rooms segregated for the purpose.

"Jezuz Christ"

Interesting set of comments, people. Ignorant and reactionary, but interesting. CET has expanded the Pet Stay "program" to all their Las Vegas properties and at the Rio from just the 4th floor to the 5th floor as well. I just booked a smoking "Pet Stay" room at Caesars Palace.

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